Mamador Vegetable Oil Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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In Nigeria, cooking with vegetable oil is a tradition deeply ingrained in our culinary practices. Among the various brands available, Mamador Vegetable Oil stands out for its quality and affordability. But if you’re wondering about Mamador Vegetable Oil prices, where to buy it, and its benefits, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Mamador Vegetable Oil Prices in Nigeria

Mamador offers a range of sizes to cater to different needs and budgets. Here’s a snapshot of the prices based on our recent survey:

  • Mamador Vegetable Cooking Oil – 3.5 Liters X 4: From ₦34,000
  • Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil. 500ml (1 Carton; 24 Pieces): From ₦29,000
  • Mamador Vegetable Oil (1.5Litres X 2): From ₦7,200
  • Mamador Vegetable Cooking Oil 1.5 Liters: From ₦3,800
  • Mamador Vegetable Cooking Oil 1.5 Liters X 3: From ₦11,000
  • Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil. 2.5 Litres (1 Carton; 4 Pieces): From ₦25,000
  • Mamador Vegetable Oil (1.5 Litre Pet X 1): From ₦3,800
  • Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil 3.5 Liters: From ₦8,700
  • Mamador Vegetable Oil 2.5 liters: From ₦6,400

Where to Buy Mamador Vegetable Oil in Nigeria

Finding Mamador Vegetable Oil is easy, whether you prefer shopping in person or online. Here are some places to look:

  • Departmental stores
  • Distributors
  • Local markets
  • Shops in your area
  • Supermarkets

Alternatively, you can order online from platforms like,,, and

Benefits of Mamador Vegetable Oil

Mamador Vegetable Oil isn’t just affordable; it’s also packed with health benefits:

  • Cholesterol-free: Good for heart health.
  • Fortified with Vitamins: Contains Vitamins A and E.
  • 100% Pure: Triple-filtered for purity.
  • Rich in Omega 6 & 9: Essential fatty acids for overall health.
  • Various Pack Sizes: Suited for different budgets and cooking needs.
  • Tamper-proof Packaging: Ensures product integrity.


Mamador Vegetable Oil is a healthy, affordable option for cooking your favorite meals. With its cholesterol-free formulation and essential vitamins, it’s a staple for every kitchen.


Q: Are Mamador Vegetable Oil prices stable? A: Prices may fluctuate due to economic factors and production costs. Always check for the latest prices before purchasing.

Q: Where can I buy Mamador Vegetable Oil online? A: You can order Mamador Vegetable Oil from platforms like,,, and for convenient delivery to your doorstep.

Q: Is Mamador Vegetable Oil good for heart health? A: Yes, Mamador Vegetable Oil is cholesterol-free and contains Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, which are beneficial for heart health.

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