Manual Changeover Switch Price in Nigeria (2024)

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In Nigeria, having an alternative power supply is crucial due to the unreliability of the national electricity grid. Manual changeover switches offer a convenient way to switch between different power sources like generators and inverters. In this guide, we’ll explore the prices of manual changeover switches in Nigeria and what to consider before purchasing one.

Cost of Manual Changeover Switches:

Manual changeover switches come in various types, classes, and ranges, with prices varying based on factors like brand and power capacity. Popular brands like Stanley, Havells, and Sukam offer different options at different price points. For instance:

  • Stanley 32 Amps Changeover switch starts from N48,000, while the 400 Amps switch is from N480,000.
  • Havells offers options ranging from N10,000 for a 20 Amps switch to N90,000 for a 200 Amps switch.
  • Sukam provides a 63 Amps switch starting from N50,000.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing:

  1. Power Output Rate: The power rating of the manual changeover switch is crucial, especially for larger setups like apartments or industries. It’s essential to match the switch’s capacity with the total power consumption of your appliances to avoid damage.
  2. Cost: Prices vary widely, so it’s essential to balance your budget with the required power rating. While industrial-grade switches may be more expensive, cheaper options exist for smaller setups. Consider durability and functionality alongside cost.
  3. Brand: The brand of the manual changeover switch matters for authenticity, durability, and efficiency. Established brands often provide more assurance of quality. Research brands and read online reviews for a better understanding before making a purchase.


Investing in a manual changeover switch is a smart choice for ensuring uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria’s fluctuating electricity landscape. By considering factors like power output rate, cost, and brand reputation, you can make an informed decision when selecting the right switch for your needs.


1.What is the average price range for manual changeover switches in Nigeria?

Prices can range from as low as N3,000 for generic brands to N480,000 for higher-capacity switches from reputable brands like Stanley.

2.How do I determine the appropriate power rating for my manual changeover switch?

Calculate the total power consumption of your appliances and select a switch with a capacity slightly higher to ensure smooth operation without overloading.

3.Are there any recommended brands for manual changeover switches in Nigeria?

Brands like Stanley, Havells, and Sukam are popular choices known for their quality and reliability. Researching and reading reviews can help you choose the best option for your needs.

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