Meladerm Price in Nigeria (2024)

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In today’s market, finding an effective and safe skin-lightening cream can be challenging. However, Meladerm stands out as one of the best options available, particularly in Nigeria. This blog post aims to provide a detailed overview of Meladerm cream, including its price, effectiveness, ingredients, and where to purchase it.

Price of Meladerm Cream in Nigeria:

Meladerm is known for its effectiveness but comes with a relatively higher price tag compared to other options. In Nigeria, the cost of Meladerm cream typically starts from N50,000. Prices may vary due to factors such as location, time of purchase, and currency exchange rates. It’s crucial to be cautious of counterfeit products in the market.

What You Should Know About Meladerm Cream:

Meladerm is a top-rated skin-lightening cream used to address various skin imperfections like scars, sun spots, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. Unlike many other creams, Meladerm does not contain harmful ingredients such as steroids, mercury, mineral oil, parabens, or hydroquinone. This makes it safer for long-term use without risking adverse reactions. Its natural composition ensures effectiveness without harsh chemicals.

Benefits of Meladerm Cream:

  1. Relatively Effective: Meladerm is highly recommended by skincare professionals and has received positive reviews for its effectiveness in treating acne scars and achieving skin lightening.
  2. Attractive Packaging: The cream comes in sleek and convenient packaging, making it easy to carry around.

Drawbacks of Meladerm Cream:

  1. Relatively Pricey: While Meladerm may be more expensive compared to other creams, its value for money and effectiveness justify the investment.


Meladerm cream is a top-notch solution for individuals seeking effective and safe skin-lightening treatment. Despite being relatively pricey, its quality ingredients and proven results make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to achieve clear, even-toned skin.


Where can I purchase Meladerm cream?

Meladerm cream can be bought from registered cosmetic stores, online retailers, and international e-commerce platforms.

 Is Meladerm suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Meladerm is formulated to be gentle on all skin types and can be used by anyone seeking to address skin imperfections. However, it’s always recommended to perform a patch test before regular use.


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