Midea Air Conditioners Review & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Midea Air Conditioners are highly regarded in the market today for their innovative technology and efficient performance. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Midea has established itself as one of the leading brands in air conditioning. In this review, we’ll delve into the various types, prices, and features of Midea air conditioners available in Nigeria.

Types and Prices:

Midea offers a range of air conditioners including split units and standing units. Prices vary based on capacity and type:

  • Midea Split Unit Air Conditioner:
    • 1 HP: Starting from N239,000
    • 1.5 HP: Starting from N309,830
    • 2 HP: Starting from N320,000
  • Midea Standing Air Conditioner:
    • 2 HP: Starting from N303,600
    • 2.5 HP: Starting from N561,500
    • 3 HP: Starting from N800,000
    • 5 HP: Starting from N2,337,000

What to Know About Midea Air Conditioners:

Midea, established in 1968, is known for its consistency in delivering top-quality products. Their air conditioners are reliable, efficient, and widely available across Nigeria. The horsepower of the unit determines its efficiency, which should be chosen based on the room size. Midea air conditioners are easily purchasable from Midea outlets, electronic stores, and online platforms.

What You’ll Like:

  • Efficiency: Midea air conditioners are known for their top-notch performance.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: These units are designed for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Durability: With proper maintenance, Midea air conditioners can last for a long time.


Where can I purchase Midea air conditioners?

Midea air conditioners are available in Midea outlets, electronic stores, and online platforms.

 Are Midea air conditioners easy to install?

Yes, Midea air conditioners are designed for easy installation, although professional help may be required.

How long do Midea air conditioners last?

With proper maintenance, Midea air conditioners can last for a long time.


Midea Air Conditioners offer efficient cooling solutions with innovative technology. While they may come at a slightly higher price point, their reliability, performance, and durability make them a worthwhile investment for both residential and commercial spaces in Nigeria.

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