Molfix Diapers Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Diapers are very important for babies, and Molfix diapers are quite popular in Nigeria. In this post, we’ll explore the various types of Molfix diapers available in the market, their prices, and what to consider before buying them.

Types and Prices of Molfix Diapers in Nigeria:

  1. Molfix Comfort Fix Diapers Size 1 – 50 Counts (×4) – Starting from N18,000
  2. Molfix Comfort Fix Diapers Size 2 – 96 Counts (× 4) – Starting from N28,000
  3. Molfix Comfort Fix Diapers Size 3 – 88 Counts (× 4) – Starting from N28,500
  4. Molfix Jumbo Pack Diapers Size 3 – 62 Counts – Starting from N6,000
  5. Molfix Jumbo Pack Diapers Size 4 – 56 Counts (× 4) – Starting from N28,500
  6. Molfix Diapers, Size 4 (Total 84 Count) – Starting from N8,500
  7. Molfix Jumbo Pack Diapers Size 5 – 48 Counts (× 3) – Starting from N18,000
  8. Molfix Pants Size 5 Small Pack (7pcs) X 5 – Starting from N3,900
  9. Molfix Comfort Fix Diapers Size 5 pants – 48 Counts – Starting from N6,700

Things to Consider Before Buying Molfix Diapers:

  1. Budget: Set a budget considering both cost and quality.
  2. Size: Choose the right size for your baby’s comfort and safety.
  3. Age of the Baby: Select diapers suitable for your baby’s age and growth stage.
  4. Usability and Eco-Friendliness: Ensure the diaper is comfortable and eco-friendly.
  5. Baby’s Response: Observe how your baby reacts to the diaper to ensure comfort and suitability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Molfix diapers suitable for all babies?

Molfix offers a range of sizes suitable for babies of different ages and sizes.

 Are Molfix diapers eco-friendly?

Molfix diapers are designed to be comfortable for babies while also considering eco-friendliness.

Can I buy Molfix diapers online?

Yes, Molfix diapers are available for purchase online and in stores across Nigeria.


Choosing the right diaper for your baby is essential for their comfort and well-being. Molfix diapers offer a variety of options to suit your baby’s needs, with prices varying based on size and quantity. Consider factors like budget, size, age, usability, and your baby’s response when selecting Molfix diapers for your little one.


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