Online Diploma Courses in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

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Online diploma courses are gaining popularity in Nigeria due to their focus on providing specific skills for career advancement. These courses are typically short and offer credentials at various levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and vocational. The convenience of online learning has made these programs more accessible and affordable. Below are some of the top online diploma courses in Nigeria along with their prices:

1. Diploma in Human Nutrition

This course provides an overview of how nutrition impacts human growth and development. Participants learn about essential nutrients, the digestive system, protein synthesis, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The training consists of 22 modules covering various aspects of human nutrition.

Training cost: Free, but a fee is required for the certificate.

2. Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health Designed for employees, supervisors, and managers, this course focuses on creating a safe work environment. Topics include behavior-based safety, hazard identification, ergonomics, safety legislation, risk assessment, and emergency planning.

Training cost: Free, certificate fee applicable.

3. Diploma in Food Safety

With a focus on food-related diseases prevention, this course covers personal hygiene, water quality, contamination control, allergen management, and incident management. Participants learn how to manage food systems to ensure hygiene and safety.

Training cost: Free, certificate fee charged.

4. Diploma in Physical Therapy Aide

Ideal for those interested in assisting patients with mobility and pain management, this course covers medical terminology, common medical disorders, body structure, therapeutic exercises, and patient positioning.

Training cost: Free, certificate issuance fee required.

5. Diploma in Caregiving

Addressing the needs of elderly and sick individuals, this course covers caregiving fundamentals, infection control, emergency preparedness, dementia care, traumatic injuries, and stress management. Participants learn legal and ethical considerations in caregiving.

Training cost: Free, with a nominal fee for the certificate.

6. Diploma in Stress Management

This course explores stress reduction principles, personality factors, psychiatric disorders, and the impact of stress on the nervous system and immune system. Participants learn stress assessment techniques and coping strategies.

Training cost: Free, certificate issuance fee applicable.


Online diploma courses in Nigeria offer valuable skills for career advancement and personal development. With affordable pricing and convenient online access, individuals can acquire specialized knowledge to excel in various fields.


1.Are these courses recognized nationally?

These courses may have recognition from relevant industry bodies or educational institutions. It’s advisable to check the accreditation status before enrollment.

2.Can I study these courses at my own pace?

Yes, most online diploma courses offer flexibility in study schedules, allowing participants to learn at their own pace.

3.Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in these courses?

Prerequisites vary depending on the course. Some may require basic knowledge in the field, while others may be open to beginners.

4.How do I access study materials and lectures?

Upon enrollment, participants typically receive access to an online platform where they can access study materials, lectures, and assessments.

5.What is the validity of the certificate obtained from these courses?

Certificate validity may vary depending on the institution or organization providing the course. It’s essential to verify the recognition and validity of the certificate before enrolling.

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