Oud Touch Perfume Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Oud Touch Perfume is a popular fragrance designed by Franck Olivier for men. Since its launch in 2014, it has gained significant popularity, offering a range of scents categorized into base, middle, and top notes. In this post, we’ll explore the various types of Oud Touch Perfumes available in Nigeria along with their prices, as well as provide useful tips on how to apply perfumes effectively.

Oud Touch Perfume Prices in Nigeria:

Base Notes:

  • Franck Olivier Oud Touch EDP For Men – 100ml – From N26,500
  • Franck Olivier Frank Olivier OudTouch (EDP) 100ML + Ubermen Attraction (EDT) Perfume 100ML – From N40,000
  • Franck Olivier Oud Vanille EDP 100ml For Men – From N28,000
  • Franck Olivier Oud Vanille + Oud Touch (3 In 1) – 3 ×100ml Combo Pack – From N22,000

Middle Notes:

  • Franck Olivier NIGHT TOUCH EDT Perfume For Men — 100ml– From N26,000
  • Franck Olivier Bamboo Men Eau De Toilette. – From N32,500
  • Franck Olivier BlackTouch Perfume (100ML) – From N26,500
  • Franck Olivier White Touch EDP – 100ml – From N25,000

Top Notes:

  • Franck Olivier Oud Touch Body Mist Spray – 236ml – 3 Pieces – From N13,000
  • Franck Olivier Blue Touch Perfume – From N21,000
  • Franck Olivier FRANCK OLIVER Eau De Passion Man Intense EDT 75ml – From N28,000

Tips for Applying Perfumes Effectively:

  1. Dry your skin before spraying perfume.
  2. Start lightly, especially with a new perfume.
  3. Apply perfume to heat areas such as the neck, chest, and wrist.
  4. Avoid walking into your spray.


Oud Touch Perfume offers a range of captivating fragrances for men in Nigeria, with prices varying depending on the type and volume. By following the tips provided, you can ensure effective application and long-lasting fragrance throughout the day.


Can I apply perfume to my clothes?

It’s best to apply perfume directly to your skin for optimal fragrance diffusion. However, you can lightly mist your clothes from a distance for a subtle scent.

 How long does the scent of Oud Touch Perfume last?

The longevity of the scent depends on various factors including skin type, weather conditions, and the specific fragrance concentration. Generally, Oud Touch Perfume offers long-lasting fragrance notes.

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