Olive Oil Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Many Nigerians are familiar with olive oil for its religious significance, but its diverse uses and health benefits are often overlooked. Olive oil is packed with nutrients, including antioxidants and healthy fats, making it beneficial for various purposes beyond religious rituals. In this blog post, we’ll explore the uses, benefits, and prices of olive oil in Nigeria, shedding light on its versatility and affordability.

Uses and Benefits of Olive Oil:

Olive oil serves numerous purposes beyond religious practices. Here are some of its exciting uses and benefits:

  1. Cooking: Olive oil is commonly used in cooking due to its rich flavor and health benefits. It can be used for frying, sautéing, and salad dressings, adding a delicious touch to dishes.
  2. Cosmetics: Olive oil is a popular ingredient in cosmetics and skincare products. Its moisturizing properties help keep the skin soft and supple, making it an ideal natural moisturizer.
  3. Medicine: Olive oil has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Its antioxidants help protect cells from damage, reducing the risk of various diseases and promoting overall health.

Special Beauty Benefits:

Apart from its culinary and medicinal uses, olive oil offers several beauty benefits:

  1. Moisturizing the Skin: Olive oil is an excellent moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated and prevents dryness, especially after sun exposure. It nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.
  2. Face Masks: Adding olive oil to face masks enhances their moisturizing properties, preventing skin dryness and aging. A simple DIY face mask recipe with olive oil can rejuvenate the skin and promote a youthful appearance.
  3. Stronger Nails: Olive oil contains vitamin E, which strengthens nails and promotes nail health. Soaking nails in olive oil regularly can make them stronger and healthier, reducing the risk of breakage.
  4. Clean Stained Nails: Olive oil, when mixed with lemon juice, acts as a natural cleanser for stained nails. This simple remedy helps remove stains and keeps nails looking clean and vibrant.

Olive Oil Prices in Nigeria:

Olive oil is available in various brands and bottle sizes in Nigeria. Here are some popular olive oil products along with their prices:


Olive oil is not just a religious symbol; it’s a versatile and beneficial ingredient with uses ranging from cooking to skincare. With its abundance of nutrients and health benefits, olive oil offers a natural and affordable way to enhance both culinary delights and personal care routines in Nigeria.


 Is olive oil suitable for all skin types?

Yes, olive oil is suitable for most skin types, but individuals with oily skin may prefer lighter oils for skincare.

Can olive oil be used for hair care?

Yes, olive oil can be used as a natural conditioner for hair, promoting shine and strength. It’s particularly beneficial for dry or damaged hair.

Are there different types of olive oil?

Yes, olive oil comes in various types, including extra virgin, virgin, and refined. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality and retains the most nutrients.


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