Prices of Herbicides in Nigeria (2024)

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Herbicides, commonly known as weed killers, are vital tools in managing unwanted plants or weeds, which can wreak havoc on crops and the environment. Understanding how herbicides work is key to harnessing their benefits. One crucial factor to consider before purchasing herbicides is their price. In this guide, we’ll delve into the prices of herbicides in Nigeria and explore their impact on agriculture.

Prices of Herbicides in Nigeria:

Here’s a breakdown of popular herbicides and their prices in Nigeria:

  1. Sunphosate 360SL (Glyphosate Herbicide | 1L) – Price Range: N1,500 – N20,000
    • Effective against annual, perennial, aquatic, and broadleaf weeds.
    • Dosage: 150 to 200 mls per 15 liters of water.
  2. Force Up – 1 Litre Systemic Herbicide – Price Range: N2,200 – N4,000
    • Rapid translocation for controlling various weeds.
    • Dosage: one bottle cap for 16 liters of water.
  3. ButaForce®(Pre-Emergence | Selective | Systemic Herbicide) -1L – Price Range: N3,000 – N5,000
    • Ideal for pre-emergent action on the soil and selective weed control.
    • Active ingredient: Butachlor 50% EC.
  4. Paraeforce (Herbicide | 1liter | 12pcs per Carton) – Price Range: N2,500 – N5,000
    • Non-selective, pre-planting herbicide for controlling stubborn weeds.
    • Active ingredient: Paraquat dichloride.
  5. Touchdown Forte (Non-Selective Herbicide) 1L – Price Range: N4,500 – N7,000
    • Hi-tech technology for systemic weed control.
    • Active ingredient: Glyphosate 500g.
  6. Roundup Turbo Commercial And Agricultural Herbicide – Carton of 12 Pcs – Price Range: N45,000 – N52,000
    • Soluble formulation for controlling various weeds in different settings.
  7. Atraforce Powder (Selective/Systemic Herbicide | 80% WP Atrazine) -1kg – Price Range: N3,500 – N5,500
    • Systemic herbicide for controlling broad-leaf weeds in various crops.
  8. Day One (Paraquat, Non-Selective Contact Herbicide) 1L – Price Range: N1,450 – N16,200
    • Effective for total weed control with quick absorption by plant foliage.
  9. Nwura Wura (Non-Selective Herbicide) -1L – Price Range: N1,300 – N15,000
    • Non-residual herbicide with systemic action for long-term weed control.
  10. Relisate Herbicide (Total Weedicide | 1L) – Price Range: N1,650 – N2,500
    • Post-emergent herbicide for controlling a wide range of weeds.
  11. Glyphosate 1 | Herbicide | 1 L – Price Range: N1,800 – N3,000
    • Broad-spectrum herbicide for controlling annual, perennial, and broad-leaf weeds.

Pros and Cons of Using Herbicides:


  1. Increased Crop Yield: By eliminating weeds, herbicides enhance crop growth and yield.
  2. Economic Benefits: Higher crop yields lead to increased revenues for farmers, positively impacting the economy.


  1. Health Effects: Herbicides can pose health risks such as skin irritation and poisoning.
  2. Pollution: Herbicides contribute to environmental pollution.


Herbicides are indispensable tools in modern agriculture, offering effective weed control and boosting crop yield. However, their use should be balanced with awareness of potential health and environmental impacts. Understanding the prices and effects of different herbicides is crucial for farmers and consumers alike to make informed decisions.


1. Are herbicides safe for human health?

While herbicides can pose health risks, proper handling and application techniques can mitigate these dangers.

2.Can herbicides harm the environment?

Yes, herbicides contribute to pollution and environmental degradation if not used responsibly.

3.How do herbicides affect crop yield?

Herbicides help increase crop yield by eliminating competition from weeds for essential resources like sunlight, water, and nutrients.

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