Prices of Speakers in Nigeria (2024)

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Speakers are crucial for enhancing sound quality, whether it’s for music, public speaking, or other audio needs. They come in various types, sizes, and shapes, catering to different purposes and preferences. In Nigeria, the market for speakers is diverse, with a wide range of brands and models available both in physical stores and online platforms.

Popular Speaker Brands and Prices:

  1. Proel Speakers:
    • Proel Speaker and Sub: Starting from N580,000
    • Proel Ceiling Speakers with In-built Volume Control: Starting from N200,000
    • Proel Powered Monitor: Starting from N470,000
  2. Ahuja Speakers:

    • 60 Watts Ahuja Horn Speaker: Starting from N25,000
    • Ahuja 6-Watts Ceiling Speaker: Starting from N9,500
    • Ahuja Wall Mount Speakers: Starting from N28,000
  3. Grace Sound Speakers:

    • Grace Sound Rechargeable Double 15” Public Address Speaker: Starting from N140,000
    • Grace Sound Full Range Speakers: Starting from N350,000
    • Grace Sound Bass Combo Speaker: Starting from N190,000
  4. Behringer Speakers:

    • XENYX Behringer 8-channels DJ Mixer with USB: Starting from N90,000
    • Professional Eurolives B115 1000watts: Starting from N380,000
    • Behringer C210 Column Speakers: Starting from N280,000
  5. WEYON Speakers:

    • WEYON 5.1ch Bluetooth Home Theater (358): Starting from N51,600
    • WEYON 819 3.1ch Bluetooth Speaker Home Theater: Starting from N38,990
    • WEYON WS511 5.1ch Bluetooth Speaker Home Theater: Starting from N49,000
  6. Yamaha Speakers:

    • Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor: Starting from N390,000
    • Yamaha Hs8 +Hs8s Studio Subwoofer: Starting from N1,250,000
    • Yamaha Powered Studio Monitor Speaker: Starting from N520,000
  7. M-Audio Speakers:

    • M Audio M-Audio BX5 Carbon Studio Monitor: Starting from N138,000
    • M Audio BX8 D2 Studio Monitor (pair): Starting from N245,000
    • M Audio BX5 D3 5″ 2-Way 100W Powered Studio Monitor: Starting from N320,000
  8. Polystar Speakers:

    • Polystar 5.1CH Bluetooth Tallboy Home Theatre: Starting from N72,000
    • Polystar TOWER SOUNDBAR SYSTEM: Starting from N62,000
    • Polystar DVD Tower Speaker Home Theatre: Starting from N80,000
  9. DJACK Speakers:

    • Djack Heavy Duty Bluetooth HiFi System – DJ-L2: Starting from N68,795
    • Djack 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Home Theater: Starting from N48,900
    • Djack Bluetooth Home Theatre DJ 5050 + DVD: Starting from N91,500
  10. Baseus Speakers:

    • Baseus E05 Bluetooth Speaker: Starting from N12,000
    • Baseus E50 Bluetooth speaker: Starting from N33,740
    • Baseus E03 Bluetooth speaker: Starting from N30,000
  11. Zealot Speakers:

    • Zealot S37L Subwoofer Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker: Starting from N35,900
    • Zealot A2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Starting from N9,800
    • Zealot S42 Bluetooth Speaker: Starting from N17,000


Investing in quality speakers is essential for maximizing sound output and enhancing audio experiences. With a plethora of brands and models available in the Nigerian market, consumers have a wide range of options to choose from based on their preferences and budget.


  1. How can I choose the right speaker for my needs?

    • Consider factors such as intended use, size, power output, and budget when selecting a speaker.
  2. Are online purchases of speakers reliable in Nigeria?

    • Yes, many reputable e-commerce websites offer reliable speaker options with convenient delivery services.
  3. Can I find speakers suitable for outdoor events in Nigeria?

    • Yes, there are various speakers designed specifically for outdoor use available in the Nigerian market.
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