Prices of Steel Rods (Reinforcements) in Nigeria (2024)

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Steel rods, also known as reinforcements, are essential components in building construction. They play a vital role in bearing and transferring loads within a structure. This guide aims to provide insights into the types, uses, and costs of steel rods in Nigeria.

Types and Uses of Steel Rods:

Steel rods are classified into four main categories:

  1. Pre-stressing steel
  2. Mild steel plain bars
  3. Cold-worked steel
  4. Hot-rolled deformed bars

These rods, commonly referred to as iron rods by traders, reinforce concrete in columns and beams, besides supporting load transfer across different points in buildings.

Prices of Steel Rods:

Steel rods are priced based on their size in millimeters, typically sold per ton. Here are the current unit prices and prices per ton for various steel rod sizes in Nigeria:

  • 6 mm steel rods: N1,200 – N1,300 per unit | N451,200 – N488,800 per ton
  • 8 mm steel rods: N2,100 – N2,200 per unit | N441,000 – N462,000 per ton
  • 10 mm steel rods: N3,300 – N3,500 per unit | N442,200 – N469,000 per ton
  • 12 mm steel rods: N4,800 – N5,000 per unit | N446,400 – N465,000 per ton
  • 16 mm steel rods: N8,500 – N8,700 per unit | N442,000 – N452,400 per ton
  • 20 mm steel rods: N13,000 – N14,000 per unit | N442,000 – N476,000 per ton
  • 25 mm steel rods: N21,000 – N22,000 per unit | N441,000 – N462,000 per ton
  • 30 mm steel rods: N30,500 – N31,500 per unit | N457,500 – N472,500 per ton

Factors Affecting Prices:

Several factors influence steel rod prices in Nigeria:

  1. Product quality
  2. Import duties
  3. Location


Steel rods are indispensable in the construction industry, with their prices varying due to factors like product quality, import duties, and location. Understanding these factors is crucial for informed decision-making in construction projects.


Why do steel rod prices change frequently?

Steel rod prices fluctuate due to factors such as changes in product quality, import duties, and market demand.

 Are locally produced steel rods cheaper than imported ones?

Yes, locally produced steel rods tend to be cheaper as they do not incur import duties.

 How can I ensure I get quality steel rods?

To ensure quality, it’s essential to conduct due diligence on the materials used and the manufacturing process. Additionally, sourcing from reputable vendors is advisable.


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