Revano Classic Paints & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Revano Classic Paints is a new player in Nigeria’s paint industry, offering a wide range of products to suit different needs and styles. In this article, we’ll delve into the pricing and key features of Revano Classic Paints, helping you make an informed decision for your next painting project.

Revano Classic Paints’ Prices in Nigeria

Here’s a look at the prices of some popular products offered by Revano Classic Paints in Nigeria:

  • Revano Stucco (12kg) = N27,000
  • Revano Calypso (10kg) = N60,000
  • Revano Calypso (3kg) = N20,000
  • Revano Travertino (25kg) = N23,000
  • Revano Basilica (5kg) = N42,000
  • Venetian Plaster Wax (Stucco Polish – 1kg) = N13,000
  • Revano Putty (25kg) = N15,000
  • Rustic Wax (3kg) = N25,000
  • Revano Chess Gold (10kg) = N70,000
  • Revano Chess Gold (3kg) = N28,000
  • Revano Chess Silver (10kg) = N60,000
  • Revano Chess Silver (3kg) = N23,000
  • Revano Trade Vinyl Silk (20L) = N65,000
  • Revano Trade Vinyl Silk (10L) = N33,000
  • Revano Trade Vinyl Matt (20L) = N55,000
  • Revano Trade Vinyl Matt (10L) = N27,000
  • Stucco Polishing Machine = N40,000
  • Worflex Mixing Machine = N40,000
  • Locmeris Premium Matt (20L) = N26,000
  • Locmeris Satin (20L) = N36,000
  • Revano Polyvalent Primer (15L) = N37,000
  • Revano Polyvalent Primer (5L) = N14,000

About Revano Classic Paints

Revano Classic Paints offers a variety of products tailored to meet different preferences and requirements. Here are some notable options:

  1. Revano Chess: Provides a unique metallic finish for interior décor, offering a captivating velvet effect.
  2. Revano Basilica: Similar to Chess, Basilica offers a metallic finish with interweaving patterns, adding sophistication to any space.
  3. Revano Stucco: Known for its high glossy decorative finish, Stucco imitates granites and marbles, promising a luxurious appearance.
  4. Revano Trade – Vinyl Silk: Ideal for moisture-prone or high-traffic areas, this paint offers a durable and waterproof finish.
  5. Travertino: Emulates the natural stone travertine, offering strength and moisture-proof attributes.
  6. Locmeris Premium Matt: Contains anti-fungi components, suitable for both interior and exterior decorations.
  7. Revano Skimming Putty: Designed for skimming interior and exterior walls, helping to seal cracks and provide a receptive substrate for paints.


Revano Classic Paints presents a compelling option in Nigeria’s paint industry, offering innovative products at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for luxurious finishes or practical solutions, Revano Classic has something to offer for every project.


Are Revano Classic Paints suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces?

Yes, Revano Classic Paints offer products suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Do they offer environmentally friendly options?

Yes, many of Revano Classic Paints’ products are water-based and non-toxic, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Can I find Revano Classic Paints in stores nationwide?

Revano Classic Paints are available in various stores across Nigeria, although availability may vary by location.

Are there any special techniques required to apply Revano Classic Paints?

While some products may require specific application methods, most can be applied using standard painting techniques.

Do they offer any warranties or guarantees on their products?

It’s recommended to check with the retailer or manufacturer for any warranties or guarantees associated with specific products.


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