Satin Paint Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you looking to give your home a fresh, modern look? With urbanization on the rise and contemporary architectural designs gaining popularity, finding the right finish for your surfaces is key. Enter satin paint – the perfect balance between matte and gloss, offering a subtle sheen that adds elegance to any space without being too flashy.

What is Satin Paint?

Satin paint is known for its soft, velvety finish with a gentle gloss. It sits beautifully between matte and gloss paints, providing a luxurious appearance without overwhelming shine. This makes it ideal for those seeking a touch of sophistication in their homes.

Uses of Satin Paint

  • Living Areas: Elevate your living room or dining area with satin paint for a touch of elegance.
  • Bedrooms: Create a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation.
  • Hallways & Corridors: Ideal for areas with moderate foot traffic.
  • Children’s Rooms: Its easy-clean properties make it a practical choice for kids’ spaces.

Advantages of Satin Paint

  • Elegant Finish: Adds a luxurious feel to walls.
  • Durability: Resistant to mildew, dirt, and stains, ensuring longevity.
  • Easy Cleaning: Wipe down without losing its sheen.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various interior applications.

Disadvantages of Satin Paint

  • Shows Imperfections: May highlight wall blemishes more than matte paint.
  • Application Care: Requires careful application to avoid streaks and roller marks.

When Should You Use Satin Paint?

Consider satin paint when:

  • You want a finish that’s neither too shiny nor too flat.
  • The area faces frequent touching, like kids’ rooms or hallways.
  • You seek a balance between aesthetics and practicality.
  • The room has moderate light, enhancing the paint’s soft sheen.

What to Consider When Buying Satin Paint

  • Quality & Brand: Choose reputable brands for better quality and longevity.
  • Surface Condition: Ensure the surface is well-prepared to avoid imperfections showing through.
  • Environment: Look for eco-friendly options if concerned about VOCs.
  • Purpose: Confirm the paint is suitable for the intended area of use, whether interior or exterior.


Satin paint offers a perfect middle ground for those seeking a sophisticated yet practical finish for their home interiors. Its subtle sheen adds a touch of elegance while maintaining durability and versatility. Consider the surface, lighting, and purpose of the area before choosing satin paint for your next home project.


  1. How much does satin paint cost in Nigeria?

    • Economy Grade: N4,000 – N6,000 per gallon
    • Mid-Range: N6,500 – N9,000 per gallon
    • Premium Grade: Starting from N10,000, up to N18,000 or higher. Prices may vary due to market dynamics, so consult local dealers for the latest rates
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