Smile Data Plans, Prices & Codes (2024)

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Are you looking for reliable and affordable internet services in Nigeria and across Africa? Smile Communications stands out as one of the continent’s leading commercial networks, offering a sub-1 GHz 4G LTE network that ensures fast and seamless connectivity. With a presence in over fifty countries, Smile Communications operates on future-proof low band, mid-band, and the 800 MHz band, providing extensive coverage for its users.

Smile Data Plans: 

Smile Communications boasts a diverse range of data plans tailored to suit various needs and budgets. Whether you’re a light user or a heavy downloader, there’s a plan for everyone. Let’s break down the available data plans along with their prices and activation codes:

Monthly Data Plans and Prices:

  • 1.5GB to 130GB Bigga Plans: Starting from N1,000 for 1.5GB up to N19,800 for 130GB, these plans offer data options for different usage needs, all valid for 30 days.

Weekly Data Plans and Prices:

  • FlexiWeekly and MidNite Plans: Ranging from 1GB to 6GB, these plans cater to short-term needs, with prices starting from N500 for 1GB, valid for 7 days.

Daily Data Plans and Prices:

  • FlexiDaily and Weekend Plans: Offering 1GB to 3GB options, these plans are perfect for those who need data for a day or weekend, with prices starting from N300 for 1GB.

Yearly Data Plans and Prices:

  • 365 Plans: Providing data options ranging from 15GB to 1TB, these plans offer long-term connectivity solutions, with prices starting from N9,000 for 15GB, valid for 365 days.

Unlimited Data Plans and Prices:

  • Lite, Essential, and Freedom Plans: Offering unlimited options with varying FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limits and speeds, these plans cater to heavy users with prices starting from N12,000 for Lite, valid for 30 days.

Additional Options:

  • Jumbo Plans: Providing large data volumes for extended periods, with options ranging from 90GB to 400GB, these plans offer flexibility and value for money.

How to Recharge on Smile: Making Connectivity Effortless

Recharging your Smile account is simple and convenient, ensuring you stay connected without hassle. Here are some methods to recharge and activate your preferred data plan:

  • MySmile App: Download the MySmile app, sign in, and follow the prompts to purchase your desired data bundle.
  • MySmile Portal: Visit the Smile official website, log in to the MySmile portal, and select your preferred data bundle for payment.
  • Internet Banking: Utilize internet banking services from supported banks to subscribe to data plans securely.
  • Mobile Apps: Some mobile banking apps allow payments for Smile data bundles, providing additional flexibility.


With its extensive network coverage, diverse data plans, and seamless recharge options, Smile Communications offers a gateway to uninterrupted internet access across Nigeria and beyond. Whether you’re a casual user or a heavy downloader, there’s a plan to suit your needs, ensuring you stay connected wherever you go.


  1. Can I switch between Smile data plans?

    • Yes, you can easily switch between Smile data plans by accessing your account through the MySmile app or portal.
  2. Are Smile data plans subject to change?

    • Smile Communications reserves the right to modify data plans and prices. It’s advisable to stay updated through official channels for any changes.
  3. How do I check my Smile data balance?

    • You can check your Smile data balance by dialing *111# or through the MySmile app or portal.
  4. What is Fair Usage Policy (FUP) in Smile’s unlimited plans?

    • FUP sets a limit on the amount of data you can use at full speed within a certain period. Once this limit is reached, your speed may be reduced temporarily.
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