MTN Night Data Plans, Prices & Codes (2024)

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In Nigeria, accessing the internet can sometimes feel like a luxury due to high data costs. However, MTN, the leading mobile network provider, offers a solution with its night data plans. These plans are not only affordable but also come with a range of benefits. Let’s dive into how you can make the most of MTN’s night data offers without breaking the bank.

Understanding MTN Night Data Plans:

MTN offers two main night data plans: 250 MB for N25 and 500 MB for N50. These plans are available between 12 am and 4 am. Users can subscribe multiple times per night, up to four times, to maximize their data usage.

Migrating to MTN Pulse:

To access MTN’s night data plans, users need to migrate to MTN Pulse. This tariff plan offers not only affordable night data but also flat call rates across all local networks. Benefits of MTN Pulse include discounted data plans, special bundles for social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and free monthly data bonuses.

Activating MTN Night Data Plans:

Subscribing to MTN’s night data plans is straightforward. Users can either send a text message or use their dialer to activate the desired plan. For the 250 MB plan, text “NT1” to 312, and for the 500 MB plan, text “NT2” to 312. Alternatively, users can dial *406# and follow the prompts to select their preferred plan.

Checking Data Balance:

To keep track of your night data usage, you can check your balance using either 4064*3# or 55996#.


MTN’s night data plans offer a cost-effective solution for Nigerians looking to browse the internet without burning a hole in their pockets. By migrating to MTN Pulse and activating these plans, users can enjoy affordable data rates and a range of additional benefits. Stay connected, even on a budget, with MTN’s night data offers.



1. Are MTN’s night data plans available to all customers?

Yes, as long as you’re a prepaid MTN customer, you can access these plans.

2.Can I subscribe to multiple night data plans in one night?

Yes, you can subscribe to either the 250 MB or 500 MB plan multiple times, up to four times per night.

3.Is there a charge for migrating to MTN Pulse?

The first migration to MTN Pulse is free, but subsequent migrations within 30 days may incur a charge of N102

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