Smoke Making Machine Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you someone who loves to turn up at parties or get lost in the magic of a concert? If yes, then you’ve probably experienced the mesmerizing effects of a smoke machine. These machines, also known as fog generators, are the secret behind creating that ethereal mist that adds drama and excitement to any event.

But hold on, aren’t smoke machines too expensive? Not anymore! Let’s dive into the world of smoke machines and uncover the affordable options available in Nigeria.

Understanding Smoke Machines:

Smoke machines, fog generators, or fog machines, whatever you call them, they all do the same thing – create a dense vapor resembling smoke or fog. These machines come in various sizes, capacities, and brands, catering to different purposes and budgets.

Exploring Smoke Machine Prices:

After scouring both offline and online stores, we’ve compiled a list of smoke machines along with their prices in Nigeria:

  1. High-Quality Best Selling Making Effect Maker Wedding Party Romantic Events Smoke Machine: Ranging from N10,000 to N17,000, this machine offers a power of 500W and produces smoke output of 3000 CUFL/min.
  2. China Best Smoke Making 2CH Fogging Haze Machine 600W Smoking Maker: Priced between N195,000 to N220,000, this machine boasts a power of 600W and a capacity of oil tank of 3.6L.
  3. High Power 3500W Low Lying Dry Ice Fog Machine Stage Effect Low Smoke Dry Ice Making Fog Machine: Available for N168,000 to N185,000, this machine provides a coverage of 250 square meters and has a tank capacity of 10L.
  4. High Power 6000W Large Stage Grand Low Lying Dry Ice Smoke Machine Dry Ice Fog Machine for Wedding Décor: With a price tag of N299,500 to N320,000, this machine is perfect for creating a stunning low lying fog effect, covering an area of 250 square meters.
  5. 100% Output Low Price 6000W Dry Ice Low Lying Fog Machine Stage Fogger Portable Smoke Machine: Priced between N300,000 to N330,000, this machine offers a tank capacity of 19L and has a coverage of 250 square meters.
  6. Big Smoke Stage/Wedding/Party Equipment Low Lying Fog Machine 3500W Dry Ice Smoke Machine for Dance Concert: With a price range of N163,000 to N176,500, this machine is ideal for creating captivating smoke effects at events.


Whether you’re planning a wedding, organizing a concert, or just want to add some excitement to your party, a smoke machine can elevate the ambiance to a whole new level. With a range of options available in Nigeria, there’s something for every budget and occasion. So why wait? Get ready to dazzle your guests with mesmerizing smoke effects and make your event an unforgettable experience!


Q: Are smoke machines safe to use indoors? A: Yes, smoke machines are generally safe for indoor use. However, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure proper ventilation to prevent the buildup of smoke.

Q: How long do the effects of a smoke machine last? A: The duration of smoke effects depends on factors like the machine’s capacity, the amount of fluid used, and the ventilation of the space. Generally, effects can last from a few minutes to several hours.

Q: Can smoke machines be used outdoors? A: Yes, smoke machines can be used outdoors, but their effectiveness may vary depending on factors like wind and humidity. It’s essential to consider these factors and choose the appropriate machine for outdoor use.

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