Stabilizer Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Stabilizers have become indispensable equipment in both homes and offices across Nigeria. With the erratic nature of electricity supply, having a stabilizer ensures that your appliances are protected from power fluctuations, thereby extending their lifespan. But how much does it cost to own one in Nigeria today? Let’s delve into the world of stabilizers, explore their prices, and discover the top picks available in the market.

Stabilizer Prices in Nigeria

In Nigeria, various brands offer stabilizers in different sizes and specifications. Here’s a glimpse into the prices of some of the most popular stabilizer models:

Binatone Stabilizers:

  • Binatone Digital Voltage Stabilizer DVS-5000: From N72,500
  • Binatone STABILIZER- DVS-2000: From N43,500
  • Binatone Digital Voltage Stabilizer DVS-5001: From N74,000

Blue Gate Stabilizers:

  • Blue Gate 2kva Relay Automatic Voltage Stabilizer: From N40,000
  • Blue Gate UPS 650VA – BG653: From N20,500
  • Blue Gate 5KVA Stabilizer: From N100,000

Century Stabilizers:

  • Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer -1000VA: From N20,650
  • Century 3000VA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer CVR-TUB: From N57,600

Duravolt Stabilizers:

  • Duravolt 1KVA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (AVR): From N19,000
  • Duravolt DV 5000va (5kva) Relay Automatic Voltage Stabilizer: From N58,800
  • Duravolt 2KVA Wall Mount Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (DV 2000i): From N30,000

Top Stabilizer Products in Nigeria

Now, let’s explore some of the top stabilizer products available in Nigeria along with their key features:

  1. Qasa Stabilizer 5000 VA
    • Input: 100-280V AC 50 HZ
    • Output: 230V AC 50 Hz
    • Twin digital meter
    • Overload protection
    • Capacity: 5000W
  2. Century 5000 Watts Tub 5KVA Stabilizer
    • Analog meter
    • Time Delay button
    • Complete output regulation
    • Compatible with air conditioners and large chest freezers.
  3. AVR1000 Nexus Voltage Regulator – 1000VA
    • Wide range voltage: 100V-260V
    • Resettable circuit breaker
    • Input and Output display
    • Low input voltage protection
  4. Blue Gate 5KVA Stabilizer
    • Voltage: 5000VA
    • Wide input voltage range
    • High-temperature protection
    • Overload protection
  5. Mercury 10KVA Single Phase Stabilizer
    • Phase: single
    • Input voltage: 160-250/70-130
    • Output voltage: 220±3% with 110±3%
    • Response time: 1 second against 10% input voltage deviation
  6. Binatone Wall Mount Stabilizer WMS-2000
    • Wall mounting features
    • Power: 2000VA
    • USB port for charging mobile devices
    • Full protection against voltage fluctuations
  7. Prag 15KVA Relay Voltage Stabilizer
    • Compatible with various appliances
    • Power: 15VA
    • LED display
    • Delay time: Short delay (3-5 seconds)
  8. Blue Gate 2KVA Stabilizer
    • Under-voltage and over-voltage protection
    • Classic series, El transformer, relay type
    • Circuit breaker


Investing in a stabilizer is crucial to safeguard your appliances from voltage fluctuations in Nigeria. With a wide range of options available, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Whether it’s for your home or office, a stabilizer ensures uninterrupted power supply, thereby enhancing the longevity of your electronic devices.


Q: Can I use a stabilizer for all my electronic appliances? A: Yes, stabilizers are designed to protect all kinds of electronic appliances from voltage fluctuations, including TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, and more.

Q: Are stabilizer prices in Nigeria subject to change? A: Yes, stabilizer prices may fluctuate due to various factors such as market demand, currency exchange rates, and manufacturing costs. It’s advisable to check for updated prices before making a purchase.

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