Star fruit (Carambola) Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you curious about star fruit, also known as carambola, and its retail prices in Nigeria? Wonder no more! Let’s delve into the juicy details, breaking down the cost in layman’s terms.

Understanding Star Fruit Prices:

If you’ve ever wandered through a market in Nigeria, you might have come across the vibrant and exotic star fruit. But what’s the price tag on this tropical delight? Well, the retail price range for star fruit typically falls between NGN 2,002.81 and NGN 2,892.95 per kilogram. In simpler terms, that’s roughly between NGN 908.30 and NGN 1,312.00 per pound.

Deciphering the Numbers:

To put it plainly, if you’re eyeing a kilogram of star fruit, you might expect to pay anywhere from around NGN 2,002 to NGN 2,892, depending on factors like seasonality and location.

Why the Price Fluctuations?

Like many fruits, star fruit prices can vary due to factors such as supply and demand, transportation costs, and the condition of the fruit itself. During peak seasons, prices may dip a bit due to higher availability, while off-season prices might see a slight increase.

FAQs About Star Fruit:

1. Is star fruit expensive?

  • While star fruit can be considered relatively pricey compared to some other fruits, its unique taste and nutritional benefits make it a worthwhile investment for many.

2. How can I tell if a star fruit is ripe?

  • A ripe star fruit will have a vibrant yellow color with little to no green tinge. Additionally, it should yield slightly to gentle pressure and emit a sweet fragrance.

3. Can I grow star fruit in Nigeria?

  • Yes, it’s possible to grow star fruit in Nigeria, particularly in regions with a tropical or subtropical climate. However, it requires specific growing conditions such as well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight.


Next time you’re browsing through the market, keep an eye out for the star-shaped wonder that is star fruit. While its price might fluctuate, the unique flavor and nutritional benefits make it a worthwhile addition to your shopping list.

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