Startimes Packages & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Startimes Nigeria is a type of television service that doesn’t need a satellite dish. It was brought to Nigeria by NTA Star TV Network Limited in 2010. They use a technology called DVB-T, which stands for Digital Video Broadcast on Terrestrial. Recently, they’ve upgraded to DVB-T2.

How Much Does Startimes Cost?

Startimes has different packages and prices. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Decoders:
    • DTH Decoder with Dish: Starting from N25,000 (includes 1 Month Super package).
    • DTH Decoder with Dish: Starting from N20,000 (includes 1 Month Smart package).
    • DTT Decoder with Antenna: Starting from N16,600 (includes 1 Month Classic package).
    • DTT Decoder Only: Starting from N14,000 (includes 1 Month Classic package).
  2. Packages:
    • Classic: N4,500 monthly.
    • Basic: N3,000 monthly.
    • Nova: N1,700 monthly.
    • Chinese: N14,000 monthly.
    • Super: N7,500 monthly.
    • Smart: N3,800 monthly.

Note: Prices may change, so it’s good to check with Startimes for the latest updates.

Startimes Channels Each package offers different channels. Here’s a glimpse:

  1. Classic (27 channels): Includes ESPN, MTV Base, Fox, and more.
  2. Basic (40 channels): Offers BBC World News, Nickelodeon, AMC Movies, and others.
  3. Nova (30 channels): Affordable with channels like AMC and Emmanuel TV.
  4. Super (25 channels): Provides Bloomberg, Fox News, and more.
  5. Smart (39 channels): Includes BBC World News, Nickelodeon, and Sky News.
  6. Sports Plus: Specifically for sports lovers, offering channels like ST Sports Arena and ST World Football HD.

Startimes Nova for Dish Decoder For dish decoders, there’s the Nova package with 30 channels including AMC Movies and NTA Sports 24.


Startimes Nigeria offers affordable entertainment packages suitable for various preferences. While it may not have all the channels available on other platforms like DSTV, it provides a cost-effective option for many Nigerians.


  1. Are the prices fixed?
    • Prices may change, so it’s wise to verify with Startimes for the latest rates.
  2. Can I get all channels with any decoder?
    • No, certain channels are specific to certain decoder types and packages.
  3. Is there a contract?
    • Startimes operates on a monthly subscription basis without long-term contracts.

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