Sumec Firman SPG1800 Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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In Nigeria, power supply issues have become an everyday challenge, pushing many households, businesses, worship centers, and NGOs to seek alternative power sources. Generators have become a lifeline for meeting these electricity needs, with Sumec Firman emerging as one of the most popular brands in the market.

If you’re considering purchasing a Sumec Firman SPG1800 generator, you’re not alone. This post will provide you with essential information about these generators, including their prices, manufacturing company, features, and tips for identifying authentic products.

Sumec Firman SPG1800 Prices in Nigeria

Sumec Firman generators, manufactured by a Chinese company, have gained popularity in Nigeria for their affordability and durability. The Sumec Firman SPG1800, with a capacity of 1.5KVA, comes in various models with slightly different features. Here are the estimated prices based on recent market surveys:

  • SUMEC FIRMAN SPG 1800 1.5KVA Generator (100% Copper): From ₦150,000
  • Sumec Firman 1.0kva Manual Generator – SPG1800: From ₦109,000
  • Sumec Firman 1.0kva Manual Generator – SPG1800 Promax: From ₦110,000
  • Sumec Firman SPG 1800 1.1kva Generator: From ₦93,400

Why You Need a Buyer’s Guide for Sumec Firman Products

While Sumec Firman generators are renowned for their quality, there’s a risk of encountering counterfeit products in the market. Here’s why you should read a buyer’s guide before purchasing:

  • Simplifies the purchasing process
  • Provides information on authentic Sumec Firman generators
  • Helps you choose the right product for your needs
  • Educates you about the features and characteristics of genuine generators
  • Alerts you to signs of counterfeit products

Some Facts About Sumec Firman Generators

Before buying a Sumec Firman generator, it’s essential to know a few key facts:

  • Sumec Firman is a Chinese company with no affiliation to other brands.
  • Genuine Sumec Firman generators bear the “Firman” engraving on major parts.
  • The company produces three generator lines: Sumec, Sumec Firman, and Firman.
  • Authentic generators come with an anti-fake sticker that can be verified on the official website.

How to Identify Fake Sumec Firman Generators

With counterfeit products prevalent in the market, here are some tips to identify fake Sumec Firman generators:

  • Check for the anti-fake sticker on the carton and product.
  • Look for the anti-counterfeiting coating on the generator.
  • Ensure major parts have “FIRMAN” engraved on them.


Sumec Firman generators offer reliable solutions to Nigeria’s power supply challenges, but the prevalence of counterfeit products requires caution. By following this guide and purchasing from trusted sources, you can ensure you’re getting an authentic Sumec Firman generator that meets your needs.


Q: Where can I purchase authentic Sumec Firman generators? A: You can buy genuine Sumec Firman generators from trusted online platforms like Jumia, Konga, Olist, and Sumec Firman’s official website.

Q: What should I do if I suspect I’ve purchased a fake Sumec Firman generator? A: Contact the seller immediately and report your concerns. If possible, return the product for a refund or replacement.

Q: Are Sumec Firman generators suitable for both residential and commercial use? A: Yes, Sumec Firman generators are designed to meet the power needs of both residential and commercial establishments.

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