Swift Data Plans, Prices & Codes (2024)

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Swift, a leading provider of broadband internet access in Nigeria, offers a range of affordable and efficient services similar to Smile, NTel, and Spectranet. Established in 2002, Swift has continuously invested in enhancing its services to meet the needs of both businesses and individuals. This post outlines Swift’s data plans, prices, and activation methods to help users choose the most suitable option for their requirements.

Swift Data Plans, Prices & Validity Periods:

Swift provides a variety of data plans catering to different usage needs and budget constraints. Here’s a breakdown of Swift’s data plans:

  1. Swift 90-Days and Yearly Data Plans:

    • Plans: SWIFT Bounty Budget, SWIFT Bounty Regular, SWIFT Bounty Basic, Swift Quarterly Data Plan, SWIFT Bounty Regular Plus, SWIFT Bounty Extra, SWIFT Bounty Weekend, Unlimited @ 5mbps, SWIFT Bounty Pro, Swift Quarterly Unlimited Plan, Unlimited @ 10mbps Speed, Swift Annual Plan.
    • Prices: Range from N19,800 to N132,000.
    • Data: Ranges from 80GB to 1TB.
    • Validity: 90 Days to 365 Days.
  2. Swift Low Budget Plans:

    • Plans: Swift Liberty, Swift Liberty Plus, Swift Basic Mini, Swift Basic Weekly, Swift Basic, SWIFT Classic, Swift Unlimited Whatsapp, Swift Merit.
    • Prices: Range from N1,150 to N5,500.
    • Data: Ranges from 2GB to 12GB.
    • Validity: 7 Days to 30 Days.
  3. Swift-Capped Data Plans:

    • Plans: Promo Swift Essential Mini, Swift Essential, Swift Professional, Swift Club, Swift Premium.
    • Prices: Range from N6,000 to N19,750.
    • Data: Ranges from 20GB to 90GB.
    • Validity: 30 Days.
  4. Swift Unlimited Data Plans:

    • Plans: SWIFT Unlimited Weekly, SWIFT Unlimited Supreme.
    • Prices: N7,150 and N27,500.
    • Validity: 7 Days and 30 Days.
  5. Swift Free Night Browsing Plans:

    • Plans: Swift Merit, Swift Essential, Swift Essential Plus, Swift Club Plus, Swift POWERS ALL 3.
    • Prices: Range from N5,500 to N28,670.
    • Data: Ranges from 10GB to 80GB.
    • Validity: 14 Days to 30 Days.
  6. Swift WTTX Plans:

    • Plans: Unlimited @ 5mbps Speed, Unlimited @ 10mbps Speed, Unlimited @ 15mbps Speed, Unlimited @ 25mbps Speed, Unlimited @ 30mbps Speed, Unlimited Daily @ LTE, SWIFT Unlimited Netflix.
    • Prices: Range from N720 to N50,310.
    • Data: Unlimited.
    • Validity: 1 Day to 30 Days.
  7. Swift Business Data Plans:

    • Plans: SmartBusiness Business, SmartBusiness Business Plus, SmartBusiness Premium, SmartBusiness Silver, SmartBusiness Elite, SmartBusiness Silver Plus, SmartBusiness Gold, SmartBusiness Elite Plus, SmartBusiness Gold Plus, SmartBusiness Platinum, SmartBusiness Platinum Plus.
    • Prices: Range from N9,010 to N62,960.
    • Data: Ranges from 30GB to 350GB.
    • Validity: 30 Days.
  8. Swift Jumbo Plans:

    • Plans: Swift Premium, New Swift Max Lite, New Swift Max Plus, New Swift Max Pro.
    • Prices: Range from N19,750 to N30,710.
    • Data: Ranges from 90GB to 200GB.
    • Validity: 30 Days.

How to Subscribe to Swift Data Plans:

You can subscribe to Swift data plans through various methods such as Quick Teller, Pay Arena, ATMs, and USSD. Activation codes are not required for Swift data plans.


Swift offers a wide range of affordable and efficient data plans suitable for both businesses and individuals in Nigeria. With its extensive coverage and quality services, Swift continues to be a preferred choice for internet access in the country.


  1. Can I roll over unused data to the next month?

    • Yes, some Swift data plans allow you to roll over unused data to the next month.
  2. What are the payment methods for subscribing to Swift data plans?

    • You can pay for Swift data plans through Quick Teller, Pay Arena, ATMs, or USSD.
  3. Are there specific data plans for businesses?

    • Yes, Swift offers dedicated data plans tailored for entrepreneurs and businesses with varying data allocations and prices.
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