The Cost of ACCA in Nigeria (2024)

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The ACCA exam is highly valued in the accounting industry globally. It provides comprehensive training and knowledge in accounting principles and their practical applications. For aspiring candidates in Nigeria, understanding the costs associated with ACCA is crucial. This guide breaks down the expenses involved in pursuing this esteemed certification.

1. Cost Breakdown:

  • Registration Fee: £36 for the initial stage, £89 thereafter.
  • Annual Subscription Fees: £122 per year, with a reduced first-year fee of £63.
  • Re-registration Charge: Imposed for late payment of annual fees.
  • ACCA Examination Fees: Vary depending on the paper and registration timing.
  • Exemption Charges: Applied for each exempted exam, ranging from £40 to £58.
  • ACCA Fees for Members: Admission fee, annual subscription, extended leave subscription, reduced subscription, reinstatement fee, and lifetime membership commutation fee.

2. About ACCA:

  • Established in 1904, ACCA offers Chartered Certified Accountant qualifications.
  • Operates in 173 countries, covering subjects like accountancy, finance, and management.
  • Requires passing up to 14 exams, held biannually in June and December.


The ACCA certification holds significant value in the finance and accounting sector globally. Understanding the costs involved is essential for aspiring candidates in Nigeria. From registration to examination fees, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the expenses associated with ACCA.


  1. What is ACCA?

    • ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, offering qualifications in accountancy, finance, and management.
  2. How often are ACCA exams held?

    • Examinations for ACCA qualifications are held biannually, typically in June and December.
  3. What are the consequences of late payment of annual fees?

    • Late payment may lead to re-registration charges and suspension of studentship status.
  4. Are there any exemptions available for ACCA exams?

    • Yes, exemptions are offered based on prior qualifications, with associated exemption charges.
  5. What are the membership fees for ACCA?

    • Membership fees include admission fees, annual subscriptions, and reinstatement fees for suspended members.
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