Kaduna – Abuja Train Schedule & Ticket Prices (2024)

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If you’re considering traveling from Kaduna to Abuja by train, you’re in for a smooth and efficient journey. In 2018, the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) enhanced the Kaduna – Abuja Train service, adding two new trains and extra coaches, resulting in more trips and improved service. Here’s what you need to know:

Train Schedule:

  • Sundays: Two trips from Kaduna to Abuja and vice versa.
  • Wednesdays: Two trips from each station.
  • Other Days: Four trips daily.

Ticket Prices (Before and After COVID-19):

  • First Class: N2,500 (Before) / N6,000 (After)
  • Business Class: Not Applicable / N5,000 (After)
  • Economy: N1,300 (Before) / N3,000 (After)

Types of Trips:

  • Normal Trip: Stops at every station.
  • Express Trip: Non-stop ride, only halts at Kubwa and Idu stations.

Additional Information:

  • Luggage: Dedicated carriage van for luggage.
  • Booking: Currently only available at train stations.
  • Early Arrival: Arrive at the station well before departure time.
  • Return Tickets: Only purchasable at the starting station of return journey.
  • On-board Services: Food, beverages, and medical assistance available.
  • Travel Duration: Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes to 2 hours.


Traveling from Kaduna to Abuja by train offers a convenient and comfortable option, with various classes to suit your preferences. Despite the recent fare adjustments due to COVID-19, the service remains popular among passengers seeking an organized and efficient mode of transportation.



1.Can I book train tickets online?

No, bookings are currently only available at the train stations.

2.What time should I arrive at the station?

Aim to arrive at least an hour before the scheduled departure time.

3.Can I buy return tickets at any station?

No, return tickets can only be purchased at the starting station of your return journey.

4.What amenities are available on board?

Food, beverages, and medical assistance are provided during the journey.

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