The Cost of PLAB 1 in Nigeria (2024)

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In Nigeria, medicine is a highly respected and well-paid profession. Many medical professionals aspire to practice abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom. One of the avenues to achieve this goal is by taking the PLAB exam, an international medical examination. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essentials of PLAB 1 exam, including its cost, eligibility requirements, test centers, and preparation options.

Cost of PLAB 1 in Nigeria:

The PLAB 1 exam, the initial stage of the PLAB series, costs approximately £255, which is roughly N247,350 when converted. This makes it one of the most affordable international medical exams.

Eligibility and Requirements for PLAB 1:

To sit for the PLAB 1 exam, candidates must meet specific requirements:

  1. Medical Graduate: Candidates must be graduates from recognized medical schools.
  2. IELTS UKV Academic: A minimum score of 7 points in each of the four areas and an average of 7.5 points in IELTS UKV Academic are required.
  3. House Officer: While not compulsory, having experience as a house officer in Nigeria is beneficial for visa applications and job prospects.

Test Centers:

Currently, there are no PLAB test centers in Nigeria or anywhere in Africa. Candidates must travel to Manchester, United Kingdom, to take the exam. However, there are training centers in Nigeria that offer preparation courses for the PLAB exam.

Preparation Options:

Training centers in Nigeria provide courses tailored to PLAB exam preparation. These courses cover various aspects, including the application process, question types, test content, and recommended study materials. Additionally, they offer insights into securing jobs in the UK and other countries.

What You Should Know About the PLAB 1 Test:

Organized by the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK, the PLAB test is a prerequisite for medical practitioners aiming to practice in the UK. Without passing the PLAB exams, doctors cannot obtain the license required to practice in the UK.


For Nigerian medical professionals aspiring to practice in the UK, passing the PLAB 1 exam is a crucial step. Despite the costs and travel requirements, the benefits of practicing medicine in the UK are substantial. With adequate preparation and fulfilling the eligibility criteria, candidates can increase their chances of success in the PLAB 1 exam.


1.Can I take the PLAB 1 exam in Nigeria?

No, currently there are no PLAB test centers in Nigeria. Candidates must travel to Manchester, UK, to sit for the exam.

2.What is the cost of PLAB 1 exam in Nigeria?

The cost of PLAB 1 exam is approximately £255, which is equivalent to around N247,350.

3.What are the eligibility requirements for PLAB 1 exam?

Candidates must be medical graduates from recognized institutions and obtain a minimum score of 7 in each area and an average of 7.5 in IELTS UKV Academic. Additionally, having experience as a house officer is beneficial.

4.Why is PLAB 1 exam important for medical professionals?

Passing the PLAB exams is necessary to obtain the license required for medical practice in the UK.

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