Transparent Roofing Sheet Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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If you’re in Nigeria and considering transparent roofing sheets, you might wonder about the best choice. Fibreglass roofing sheets, also known as FRP or GRP, stand out for their durability and versatility. Let’s dive into their current prices and why they’re a top pick.

Prices of Fibreglass Transparent Roofing Sheets in Nigeria:

  • 1mm thickness (plain): N5,000 per meter
  • 1mm thickness (coloured): N5,100 per meter
  • 2mm thickness (plain): N6,500 per meter
  • 2mm thickness (coloured): N6,600 per meter
  • 3mm thickness (plain): N11,500 per meter
  • 3mm thickness (coloured): N11,600 per meter
  • 4mm thickness (plain): N13,000 per meter
  • 4mm thickness (coloured): N13,100 per meter

Where to Get Quality Fibreglass Roofing Sheets in Nigeria:

For reliable fibreglass roofing sheets in Nigeria, consider Perfect-Tech Fibreglass Nigeria Ltd. They’ve been a trusted manufacturer and supplier since 2001. Located at Toll Gate, Ota, Ogun State, they offer nationwide delivery. Contact them at 08161129525 or 09052616503.

Advantages of Fibreglass Transparent Roofing Sheets:

  • Lightweight: Fibreglass is easy to transport and handle, even in thicker designs.
  • Durability: It can withstand harsh weather conditions for up to 30 years.
  • UV Resistance: Fibreglass doesn’t fade or allow UV penetration, making it ideal for daylight requirements.
  • Tensile Strength: Surprisingly strong, fibreglass rivals steel in resistance.

Uses of Transparent Roofing Sheets:

Transparent roofing sheets are ideal for:

  • Roofing buildings requiring natural light.
  • Skylights for daylight in structures.
  • Decorative purposes, enhancing roof aesthetics.

What is Fibreglass?

Fibreglass, or glass fibre, is a composite material made of polymer plastics reinforced with fibres like glass. It’s used not only in roofing sheets but also in various applications like aircraft, boats, and more.


In Nigeria, fibreglass transparent roofing sheets offer durability, UV resistance, and strength. Perfect-Tech Fibreglass Nigeria Ltd. provides quality options at competitive prices.


Q: How long do fibreglass roofing sheets last? A: Fibreglass roofing sheets can last up to 30 years, even in harsh weather conditions.

Q: Are fibreglass roofing sheets suitable for skylights? A: Yes, fibreglass roofing sheets are ideal for skylights as they don’t fade or allow UV penetration.

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