Water Dispenser Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you tired of lugging around heavy water bottles or worrying about the cleanliness of your tap water? A water dispenser might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. With the market flooded with various brands and models, it’s essential to make an informed decision to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Let’s dive into everything you need to know before making that purchase.

Understanding Water Dispenser Prices in Nigeria

Water dispensers come in different shapes, sizes, and price ranges, influenced by factors like brand, design, and quality. Here’s a breakdown of popular brands and their estimated prices in Nigeria:

  • CWAY Water Dispenser: Prices range from N55,000 to N120,500.
  • Maxi Water Dispensers: Prices vary between N60,000 and N90,000.
  • Panasonic Water Dispenser: Expect to pay between N85,000 and N138,000.
  • Scanfrost Water Dispenser: Prices range from N75,500 to N120,000.
  • Polystar Water Dispenser: Prices start from N75,000.
  • Restpoint Water Dispenser: Prices range from N59,790 to N100,000.
  • Other Brands: Prices vary between N62,000 and N110,000.

These prices are subject to change due to factors like currency exchange rates and location, so it’s advisable to verify before making a purchase.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Dispenser

  1. Capacity: Consider the number of people the dispenser will serve to choose the appropriate size.
  2. Temperature Range: Decide whether you need hot, cold, or room temperature water, and choose a dispenser accordingly.
  3. Power Consumption: Check the cooling abilities and power consumption rate of the dispenser to manage energy usage effectively.
  4. Noise Level: Ensure the dispenser operates quietly, especially if it’ll be used in an office or residential setting.
  5. Brand Reputation: Opt for well-known brands with a good reputation for quality and reliability.


Investing in a water dispenser is a step towards ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water conveniently. By considering factors like capacity, temperature range, power consumption, noise level, and brand reputation, you can find the perfect dispenser to meet your needs and budget.


Q: Are water dispensers easy to maintain? A: Yes, most water dispensers require minimal maintenance, such as regular cleaning and occasional filter replacement.

Q: Can I use a water dispenser in my home? A: Absolutely! Water dispensers are suitable for both residential and commercial use, providing a convenient way to access clean drinking water.

Q: How often should I clean my water dispenser? A: It’s recommended to clean your water dispenser every 3-6 months, depending on usage and environmental conditions.

Q: Do water dispensers come with warranties? A: Yes, many water dispenser models come with warranties that cover parts and labor for a certain period. Be sure to check the warranty terms before purchasing.

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