Hair Clipper Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Hair clippers have become a staple in grooming routines, not just for men but for women too. With a plethora of brands flooding the Nigerian market, choosing the right hair clipper can be daunting. In this guide, we break down the prices of various hair clippers available in Nigeria and highlight key factors to consider before making a purchase.

Hair Clipper Price Range in Nigeria:

Gone are the days when Wahl and Chaoba were the only options available. Now, there’s a diverse range of brands catering to different needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of some popular hair clippers and their price range in Nigeria:

  1. Kiki New Gain Rechargeable Clipper -NG-888B: N5,800 – N10,000
  2. T10 Rainbow Rechargeable Hair Clipper Cordless Hair Trimmer: N6,500 – N9,000
  3. Chaoba Professional Hair Clipper With Aftershave & Bag: N5,800 – N6,500
  4. Kiki New Gain KIKI Rechargeable Hair Clipper NG-699plus: N7,150 – N15,300
  5. Kiki New Gain All-Metal Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper: N13,300 – N16,000
  6. Kiki New Gain Rechargeable Full Head Balding Shaver: N4,800 – N6,000
  7. Surker Quality Professional Rechargeable Clipper: N6,500 – N8,000
  8. MRY Rechargeable Cordless Hair Clipper & Nose, Ear Hair Trimmer: N15,000 – N21,000
  9. IPHISI Luxury Retro Rechargeable Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper: N46,500 – N50,000
  10. Blueidea Rechargeable Haircut and Beard Shaver: N5,000 – N7,000
  11. Nova Professional Hair Clipper/Trimmer: N6,850 – N9,000
  12. Ubeator Newest Silver Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Hair Clipper: N22,980 – N25,000
  13. Ubeator Multi-Style Hair Clipper USB Rechargeable Electric Newly Baldheaded Beard Trimmer: N14,530 – N20,000
  14. WMARK Rechargeable Digital Hair Clipper NG-101: N10,490 – N15,000
  15. Ubeator Newest T9 Gold Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Electric Hair Clipper: N9,000 – N15,000
  16. Vintage T9 Hair Trimmer: N5,500 – N14,000

Key Considerations Before Buying:

  1. Battery Life: Look for clippers with long-lasting batteries to avoid frequent charging interruptions.
  2. Blade Quality: High-quality blades ensure precise and smooth cuts, reducing the risk of skin irritation.
  3. Accessories: Consider the availability of accessories like guide combs, clipper oil, and chargers for convenience.
  4. Noise Level: Opt for clippers with quiet operation, especially if you plan to use them at home.


With a wide array of options available, choosing the right hair clipper in Nigeria boils down to personal preference and specific needs. Whether you’re a professional barber or grooming enthusiast, investing in a quality clipper can elevate your grooming experience. Consider factors like battery life, blade quality, and accessories to make an informed decision.


  1. Are these prices inclusive of warranty?
    • Prices may vary depending on the vendor and may or may not include warranty. It’s advisable to inquire about warranty terms before making a purchase.
  2. Can these clippers be used for both hair and beard grooming?
    • Yes, many of the clippers listed offer versatile grooming capabilities suitable for both hair and beard trimming.
  3. Do these clippers require professional maintenance?
    • While professional maintenance can prolong the lifespan of clippers, regular cleaning and oiling at home can also ensure optimal performance. Most clippers come with instructions for maintenance.
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