Where to Buy Boer Goat in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you in the market for Boer goats in Nigeria? Look no further! Boer goats are renowned for their remarkable characteristics that make them a valuable asset for farmers and consumers alike. From their rapid growth to resistance to diseases, these goats offer a myriad of benefits.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore where to find Boer goats in Nigeria at affordable prices and offer insights into their importance and characteristics.

Understanding Boer Goats:

Before delving into where to purchase Boer goats, let’s first understand what makes them special. Boer goats are recognized globally as one of the best meat goat breeds. Bred specifically for meat production, they excel in grazing alongside other livestock, contributing to efficient pasture management. With their ability to consume broadleaf plants, they prove to be invaluable in agricultural settings.

Where to Buy Boer Goats in Nigeria:

If you’re wondering where to buy Boer goats in Nigeria, we’ve compiled a list of affordable locations across the country:

  1. Ijebu North, Ogun State: Offering competitive prices, this market is known for its affordability, with six-month-old goats priced at approximately N20,000 and nine-month-old goats around N30,000.
  2. Ibadan South-East, Oyo State: Boasting healthy and robust goats, this location is ideal for bulk purchases, particularly for commercial or farm purposes.
  3. Sokoto North, Sokoto State: For those in northern Nigeria, Sokoto North provides access to various goat breeds, including Boer goats, at affordable rates.
  4. Lokoja, Kogi State: Home to well-treated and strong Boer goats, Lokoja offers quality livestock raised in optimal conditions, with prices averaging around N47,600 for full-grown goats.
  5. Alaba Rago Market, Lagos: Known for its pocket-friendly prices, this market is perfect for individual buyers seeking Boer goats for consumption purposes.


purchasing Boer goats in Nigeria is made convenient with these affordable locations spread across the country. Whether you’re a farmer, entrepreneur, or consumer, Boer goats offer immense value in terms of meat production and agricultural assistance. By exploring these markets, you can acquire quality Boer goats to meet your specific needs.


Q: Are Boer goats suitable for commercial farming? A: Yes, Boer goats are highly suitable for commercial farming due to their rapid growth rate and meat quality.

Q: What should I consider when buying Boer goats? A: Look for healthy goats with strong build and vibrant coat colors. Also, ensure they come from reputable breeders or farms for quality assurance.

Q: Can Boer goats thrive in different climates? A: Yes, Boer goats are adaptable to various climates, making them suitable for diverse regions within Nigeria.

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