White Cement Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Are you curious about white cement, also known as POP cement, and its uses in construction projects? White cement is gaining popularity in Nigeria due to its ability to produce attractive and classy concrete for various applications, including POP ceilings, pillars, parapets, and colorful decorations. Unlike ordinary gray cement, white cement lacks iron or manganese, resulting in its distinctive white color.

Understanding White Cement Prices in Nigeria

White cement is pricier than ordinary cement due to its specialized applications. Here’s a breakdown of current prices in Nigeria:

  • Small bag of white cement (5kg) === N1,500 – N2,500
  • Super White Cement (25kg) === N7,500 – N9,000
  • High-Quality White Cement (40kg) === N12,000 – N18,000
  • POP cement (40kg) === N5,500 – N6,000

Factors affecting prices include package quantity, product quality, brand, and location. Larger bags and premium quality white cement command higher prices, and urban areas like Lagos and Abuja typically have higher prices compared to rural areas.

Important Facts About White Cement

  1. Specialized Usage: White cement is primarily used for decorative purposes, as it lacks the strength of ordinary cement due to the absence of certain strengthening agents.
  2. Marketing Names: White cement may be marketed under various names, including POP cement or “white cement for tiles,” reflecting its common uses in POP casts and tile gap filling.
  3. Storage Considerations: Due to its higher cost, it’s advisable to purchase only the amount of white cement needed for immediate use to prevent storage issues and deterioration when exposed to weather elements.


White cement offers a versatile option for creating aesthetically pleasing construction projects and decorative elements. Despite its higher cost and specialized usage, its popularity is on the rise in Nigeria. Understanding its prices, applications, and storage considerations can help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing white cement.


Can white cement be used for regular construction?

White cement is not recommended for main structural elements due to its lower strength compared to ordinary cement.

Why is white cement more expensive than gray cement?

White cement’s higher price reflects its specialized production process and limited applications, as well as its unique color.

 What are some common uses of white cement?

White cement is commonly used for POP ceilings, decorative pillars, colorful concrete, and filling gaps in tiles.

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