Zaron Cosmetics Price List in Nigeria (2024)

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Zaron Cosmetics is a popular brand in Nigeria, offering a wide range of beauty products tailored for women of color. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the prices of various Zaron products in Nigeria, helping you make informed decisions about your beauty routine.

Zaron Cosmetics Price List in Nigeria:

Zaron Skincare Products:

  • Skin Regenerating Hydrating Serum: Starting from N11,550
  • Skin Moisturizing Body Lotion: Starting from N13,180
  • Exfoliating & Hydrating Glow Face Wash: Starting from N9,400
  • Acne Control Glow Face Wash: Starting from N9,560
  • Night Glow Plus – Face Cream: Starting from N8,650
  • Sun Protection – Day Cream/SPF 50+++: Starting from N13,120
  • Herbal + Oil Micellar Cleansing Water: Starting from N10,725
  • Ultimate Glow – Brightening Toner: Starting from N8,200

Zaron Face Products:

  • Face Primer: Starting from N10,150
  • Pore Minimizer: Starting from N8,500
  • Healthy Glow Foundation: Starting from N7,300
  • Liquid Concealer/Highlight: Starting from N2,000
  • Oil Block Mattifier: Starting from N10,000
  • Zaron Gold Crush: Starting from N7,220
  • Sheer Tint Powder: Starting from N2,000
  • XD Face Definer: Starting from N5,200
  • Mattifying Powder: Starting from N7,000
  • Zaron Perfect Finish: Starting from N9,450

Zaron Eye Products:

  • Lengthening Mascara: Starting from N7,100
  • Volumizing Mascara: Starting from N6,880
  • Felt Tip Pen Eyeliner: Starting from N3,000
  • Matte Eyebrow Pencil: Starting from N2,900
  • Black Velvet: Starting from N2,800
  • Zaron Skyline: Starting from N1,800
  • 3D Lash Pack: Starting from N6,000
  • Zaron Flutter: Starting from N1,700

Zaron Lips Products:

  • Various lip shades ranging from N2,480 to N3,550

Zaron Accessories Products:

  • Professional Brush Set: Starting from N16,250
  • Angle Brush: Starting from N2,000
  • Foundation Brush: Starting from N7,750
  • Sharpener: Starting from N800
  • Wipes: Starting from N4,250
  • Powder Brush: Starting from N3,600
  • Makeup Sponge: Starting from N3,100
  • 4 In 1 Contour Brush: Starting from N8,100
  • Multipurpose Brush: Starting from N5,720
  • D’Luxe Brush Set: Starting from N9,900

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cosmetics:

  1. Skin Tone: Consider your skin’s appearance and any imperfections when choosing foundation and powder.
  2. Skin Type: Determine if your skin is normal, combination, dry, oily, or sensitive to select suitable cosmetics.
  3. Ingredients: Check the ingredients to ensure they match your skin type and avoid harmful chemicals.
  4. Cost: Set a budget for cosmetics to guide your purchasing decisions.


Zaron Cosmetics offers a diverse range of products catering to the beauty needs of women in Nigeria. By considering factors like skin tone, type, ingredients, and budget, you can select the right Zaron products to enhance your beauty routine.


Where can I purchase Zaron Cosmetics in Nigeria?

Zaron Cosmetics products are available at various outlets across Nigeria, including beauty stores and online platforms.

Are Zaron Cosmetics suitable for all skin types?

Zaron Cosmetics offers products suitable for various skin types, but it’s essential to check product descriptions and ingredients to ensure compatibility with your skin.

How often should I replace my Zaron makeup brushes?

It’s recommended to replace makeup brushes every 3-6 months to maintain hygiene and product application quality.


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