48-Port Switch Price in Nigeria (2024)

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Managing networks in organizations is crucial in the IT world. Port switches play a vital role in network management by facilitating communication and preventing breaches. Among these, the 48-port switch stands out as a common and important equipment. In this post, we’ll delve into the prices of various 48-port switches in Nigeria and essential considerations before purchasing one.

Cost of 48-Port Switch in Nigeria

48-port switches come in different types, sizes, and brands, each with varying features and prices. Here’s an overview of prices for some common types and brands in Nigeria:

Cisco 48-Port Switches & Prices:

  • CISCO-WSC2960-48PSTL – From N626,200
  • WS-C2960X-48FPS-L Cisco Catalyst – From N900,000
  • Cisco Catalyst WS-C3650-48PS-S – From N1,450,000
  • Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series – From N1,150,000
  • Cisco Catalyst 3850 Switch WS-C3850-12S-S – From N1.75 million
  • Cisco WS-C3850-48P-L – From N2.7 million
  • Cisco Meraki MS120-48-HW – From N1,750,000
  • Cisco C9300-48P-E – From N2.8 million

TP-Link 48-Port Switch:

  • TL-SF1048 – From N60,000
  • TL-SG1048 – From N165,000

Ubiquiti 48-Port Switch:

  • US-48-500W – From N750,000

Engenius 48-Port Switch:

  • EWS-7952FP – From N423,000

Things to Consider Before Buying a 48-Port Switch

When purchasing a 48-port switch, several factors should be taken into account to ensure it meets your needs effectively:

1. Speed: Consider the switch’s speed compatibility with your network requirements, including Ethernet speeds and switching capacity.

2. Power over Ethernet (PoE): PoE support enables powering devices like IP phones and cameras over Ethernet, reducing cable clutter and simplifying installations.

3. Budget: Set a budget to narrow down options and choose a switch that fits within your financial constraints.

4. Intelligence of Switch: Decide whether additional intelligence features, like Layer 3 capabilities, are necessary for efficient network utilization.

5. Brand Reputation: Consider reputed brands known for quality and reliability to ensure a satisfactory purchase.


Investing in a 48-port switch requires careful consideration of factors like speed, PoE support, budget, intelligence, and brand reputation. By assessing these factors, organizations can make informed decisions to enhance their network infrastructure effectively.


  1. What is the importance of a 48-port switch in network management?

    • A 48-port switch facilitates efficient communication between various channels while preventing breaches and unauthorized access to the network.
  2. Why is PoE support important in a 48-port switch?

    • PoE support allows the switch to power devices like IP phones and cameras over Ethernet, simplifying installations and reducing cable clutter.
  3. How does the price of a 48-port switch vary?

    • Prices vary based on factors such as brand, specifications, and market dynamics, including location and exchange rates.
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