Nigerchin Cable Price List (2024)

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Nigerchin, a company established in Nigeria in 1970, is renowned for manufacturing conductors and electric cables. These cables meet international standards like NIS, IEC, and BS. They offer various products designed to cater to different voltage categories, ranging from 300/500V to 1900/3300V.

These cables come in different materials such as copper and aluminium, with options for single-core to multi-core and armoured to non-armoured variants. Additionally, they possess properties like anti-termite resistance, fire resistance, and UV resistance.

Nigerchin Cable Price List

Here’s a breakdown of some Nigerchin cable prices in Nigeria:

  1. Nigerchin (2nd Type) 16mm Pure Copper Single Core Cable (100 yards): Starting from ₦115,500.00
  2. Nigerchin (Nigeria) 70mm 4core Armoured Cable (Per Meter): Starting from ₦30,240.00
  3. Nigerchin Original 1.5mm Pure Copper Single Core Cable (100metres): Starting from ₦17,105.00

Factors Influencing Cable Prices

Several factors influence the prices of cables in the Nigerian market:

  1. Quality: The quality of cables, determined by raw materials and manufacturing processes, affects pricing. Higher quality often means higher prices.
  2. Size: Larger cables or those with more cores generally cost more due to increased materials and complexity.
  3. Brand: Different brands have varying price points based on factors like reputation and popularity.
  4. Government Policies: Government regulations, such as import duties and material restrictions, can impact prices.


Cable prices in Nigeria fluctuate due to factors like quality, size, brand, and government policies. Nigerchin offers a range of cables meeting international standards, catering to diverse needs and budgets.


1.Why do cable prices vary?

Cable prices differ due to factors like quality, size, brand, and government policies.

2.How can I choose the right cable?

Consider your voltage requirements, environment, and budget when selecting cables.

3.Can prices change over time?

Yes, prices are subject to change due to market forces, government policies, and other factors

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