Coleman Nigeria Cable Price List (2024)

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Coleman Technical Industries Nigeria Limited is renowned for its high-quality electrical cables in Nigeria. Determined to exceed customer expectations, they invest in research and development to ensure top-notch products. If you’re in the market for cables, we’ve got you covered with the current prices and essential factors to consider before making your purchase.

Coleman Nigeria Cable Price List:

Here’s a breakdown of popular Coleman cables and their prices in Nigeria:

  1. CCTV RG59 with Power Coaxial Cable – Pure Copper: From N49,000
  2. Coleman 2.5mm x 3 Core Flexible Wire – White: From N125,000
  3. Coleman 4mm Single Core Cable – Black: From N40,000
  4. Coleman 4mm Single Core Copper Cable – Red: From N40,000
  5. Coleman 6mm Copper Cable – Red / Black: From N57,500
  6. Coleman 16mm Copper Cable – Red / Black: From N130,000 – N145,000
  7. Coleman Premium 1500 Amp Booster Cables: From N6,000
  8. Coleman 10mm Copper Cable – Red: From N35,650
  9. Coleman Copper Cable – Black – 10mm: From N95,000
  10. Coleman Earth Cable – 1.5mm: From N14,080
  11. Coleman 10mm Single Cable: From N88,000
  12. Coleman Flexible Cable – 2.5mm x 4 Core – White: From N165,000

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cables:

Selecting the right cables is crucial for safety and efficiency. Here are key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Cable Installation: Consider where the cables will be installed – indoors or outdoors. Ensure proper handling during installation.
  2. Cable Construction: Pay attention to the type of conductors, cable arrangement, and finish covering. Factors like workmanship, purpose, and environmental conditions influence your choice.
  3. Cable Operation: Determine the cable’s capacity to handle voltage stress for its intended purpose.
  4. Cable Size: Choose the appropriate size based on current, voltage, and insulation levels required.


Investing in quality cables like those from Coleman Technical Industries Nigeria Limited is essential for safe and efficient electrical installations. Consider factors like installation, construction, operation, and size to make the right choice for your needs.


1.What are the prices of Coleman cables in Nigeria?

Refer to the price list provided above for current prices.

2.What factors should I consider when choosing cables?

Factors include cable installation, construction, operation, and size. Ensure compatibility with your specific requirements.

3.Where can I purchase Coleman cables?

Coleman cables are available through various vendors across Nigeria. Check with local suppliers or authorized distributors for availability

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