6.5 KVA Generators & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

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In Nigeria, power supply issues are more than just a nuisance—they’re a daily struggle affecting homes, businesses, and even religious centers. With the erratic nature of electricity, Nigerians have turned to generators as their go-to solution for power needs. Among the various options available, 6.5 KVA generators have gained popularity due to their ability to power multiple appliances simultaneously. But how much do these generators cost in Nigeria, and what can they really handle? Let’s dive into the basics.

Understanding 6.5 KVA Generators

When we talk about generators, we often hear terms like KVA thrown around. Simply put, KVA (Kilovolt-Ampere) measures the electrical power a generator can provide. In Nigeria, 6.5 KVA generators have become a preferred choice for many households and businesses due to their capacity to handle various appliances.

Cost of 6.5 KVA Generators in Nigeria

So, how much do these lifesavers cost? Here’s a breakdown based on recent market surveys:

  • Elepaq Key Start Generator – Sv22000e2 – 6.5kva: From N395,000
  • Sumec Firman 6.5kva Generator – Fpg8800e2 100%copper: From N440,000
  • Sumec Firman Spg 8800e2 6.5kva Key Start Generator- Yellow: From N480,000
  • Sumec Firman 6.5kva Zero Gravity Key Starter Generator – Eco8990es: From N589,500
  • Sumec Firman 6KVA Generator – ECO8990ESR With Remote Control: From N490,000
  • Elepaq Key Start Generator – Sv22000e2 – 100% Copper Constant – 6.5kva: From N385,000
  • Lutian Diesel Generator – 6.5kva: From N797,000
  • MAXMECH Lifan Maxmech Generator 6.5kva: From N355,000
  • Total Gasoline Generator – 6500W – 6.5KVA: From N425,000

What Can You Run with a 6.5 KVA Generator?

One of the key considerations when choosing a generator is what appliances it can handle. Here are some common household devices and whether a 6.5 KVA generator can power them:

  1. Refrigerator: Yes, a refrigerator can run conveniently on a 6.5 KVA generator.
  2. Window Air Conditioners: These can be powered as well, making them a relief during hot days.
  3. Washing Machine: Most portable washing machines work perfectly fine with a 6.5 KVA generator.
  4. Cloth Dryers: Large cloth dryers may require the generator’s full capacity, but portable ones can run alongside other appliances.
  5. Televisions: Whether LCD or LED, TVs are easily powered by a 6.5 KVA generator.


In a country where power outages are a common occurrence, having a reliable generator is essential. 6.5 KVA generators offer a balance of capacity and affordability, making them a popular choice for both homes and businesses. With the right generator, you can keep essential appliances running smoothly even during power cuts.


Q: Are 6.5 KVA generators noisy? A: It depends on the brand and model, but most modern generators come with noise reduction features to minimize disturbance.

Q: Can I run sensitive electronics like computers on a 6.5 KVA generator? A: Yes, but it’s advisable to use a voltage stabilizer or surge protector to safeguard your electronics from power fluctuations.

Q: How often should I service my 6.5 KVA generator? A: Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance. It’s recommended to service your generator at least once every six months or as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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