Abuja to Enugu by Road: Bus Price & Other Details (2024)

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Traveling by road might not always be the easiest or most convenient option, especially for long trips. However, it serves as a reasonable alternative to faster means of transportation like flights. Road transportation offers flexibility and is relatively cheaper, making it a popular choice for many.

Bus Ticket Prices from Abuja to Enugu

Booking a bus ticket from Abuja to Enugu has become more accessible with the advancement of technology. Gone are the days of visiting bus terminals; now, you can easily book tickets online using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Several bus companies operate on this route, offering various prices for their tickets. It’s crucial to compare prices to get the best deals. Here are some popular bus companies and their ticket prices:

  1. ABC Transport

    • Departure Time: 07:30 am
    • Price: From N25,750
    • Previous Price Range: N5,500 – N6,500
  2. GUO Transport

    • Departure Time: 07:00 am
    • Price: From N28,500
    • Previous Price Range: N3,000 – N4,000
  3. God is Good Motors (GIGM)

    • Terminals: Utako
    • Departure Time: 07:30 am
    • Price: From N31,000
    • Previous Price Range: N4,500 – N6,000
  4. Other Buses at Popular Parks

    • Price: From N20,000
    • Previous Price Range: N2,000 – N5,500

Factors Affecting Bus Ticket Prices

Several factors influence the prices of bus tickets from Abuja to Enugu. These include fuel prices, the number of available buses, demand for tickets, and seasonal variations. Prices tend to be higher during festive periods and vacations due to increased demand.

Duration of the Trip

The duration of the journey from Abuja to Enugu varies depending on factors like vehicle speed and the chosen route. On average, the trip takes between 7 to 11 hours. Different routes have different travel times, affecting ticket prices accordingly. Some estimated durations include:

  • Abuja to Enugu via Abuja – Lokoja route: Approximately 7 hours 13 minutes.
  • Abuja to Enugu via Makurdi – Jos route: Approximately 9 hours 18 minutes.
  • Abuja to Enugu via A2: Approximately 9 hours 56 minutes.

The fastest buses take around 7 hours, while some may take up to 12 hours due to various factors such as route choice and stopovers.


Traveling from Abuja to Enugu by road offers flexibility and affordability, with various bus companies providing convenient options for travelers. By considering factors like ticket prices, travel duration, and route options, passengers can plan their journey effectively and enjoy a comfortable trip.


  1. How can I book a bus ticket from Abuja to Enugu?

    • You can easily book bus tickets online through the websites of various bus companies or through third-party ticketing platforms.
  2. Why do bus ticket prices vary?

    • Bus ticket prices vary due to factors such as fuel prices, demand for tickets, and the type of bus and amenities offered by different companies.
  3. What is the average travel time from Abuja to Enugu?

    • The average travel time is between 7 to 11 hours, depending on factors like route choice and traffic conditions.
  4. Are there different routes from Abuja to Enugu?

    • Yes, there are different routes, each with its own estimated travel time. Popular routes include Abuja – Lokoja, Makurdi – Jos, and A2.
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