Chisco Transport Price List (2024)

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Chisco Transport, founded by Chief Chidi Anyaegbu (MFR) in 1978, has evolved from a small car parts retailer to a renowned transportation brand in Nigeria and West Africa. Offering various services like hospitality, auto parts dealership, and oil and gas, Chisco Transport has become a popular choice for travelers. This blog post explores the cost of traveling with Chisco Transport, its terminal locations, and other essential information.

Chisco Transport Price List:

Traveling with Chisco Transport comes with varying costs depending on the destination. Here’s an overview of prices from selected terminals:

  • Jibowu Terminal:

    • Jibowu – Utako: From ₦19,950
    • Jibowu – Port Harcourt: From ₦17,100
    • Jibowu – Imo: From ₦17,100
    • Jibowu – Accra(Ghana): From ₦61,750
  • Utako Terminal:

    • Utako – Jibowu: From ₦19,950
  • Maza-Maza Terminal:

    • Maza – Maza – Accra (Ghana): From ₦61,750
  • Port Harcourt Terminal:

    • Port Harcourt – Lagos: From ₦15,200
    • Port Harcourt – Maza-Maza: From ₦15,200

Chisco Transport Terminals Locations and Contact Addresses:

Chisco Transport operates through various terminals across Nigeria. Here are some of its terminal locations:

  1. Alaba Terminal

  2. Alafia Terminal

  3. Lekki Terminal

  4. Ikeja Terminal

  5. Ikotun Terminal

  6. Iponri Terminal


Chisco Transport provides convenient and reliable transportation services across Nigeria and West Africa. With its extensive network of terminals and affordable pricing, it continues to be a preferred choice for travelers.


  1. Can Chisco Transport prices change?

    • Yes, prices are subject to change based on factors like demand, government policies, and company decisions.
  2. How can I contact Chisco Transport?

    • You can reach out to Chisco Transport via email at the respective terminal addresses provided above.
  3. Does Chisco Transport operate only in Nigeria?

    • No, Chisco Transport also operates in West Africa, offering services to countries like Ghana.
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