Cross Country Transport Price List (2024)

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If you’re considering traveling across Nigeria, Cross Country Transport might be a good option for you. Established in 2001 with just 132 vehicles, it has grown to become one of the leading transportation companies in Nigeria, with terminals spread across the country.

Price List:

Here’s a glimpse of the prices for traveling to various destinations with Cross Country Transport:

  • Abuja to Calabar: ₦24,500
  • Abuja to Lagos: ₦24,500
  • Calabar to Lagos: From ₦22,500
  • Lagos to Abakaliki: ₦24,500
  • Lagos to Abuja: From ₦24,500
  • Lagos to Asaba: ₦24,500
  • Lagos to Benin: ₦17,500
  • Lagos to Calabar: From ₦24,500
  • Lagos to Cotonou: ₦28,000
  • Lagos to Enugu: ₦21,500
  • Lagos to Ghana: ₦53,000
  • Lagos to Ikom: ₦27,500
  • Lagos to Kaduna: ₦32,500
  • Lagos to Lafia: ₦32,500
  • Lagos to Lome: ₦48,000
  • Lagos to Ogoja: ₦27,500
  • Lagos to Onitsha: ₦19,500
  • Lagos to Owerri: ₦21,500
  • Lagos to Port Harcourt: ₦25,500
  • Lagos to Sokoto: ₦39,500
  • Lagos to Umuahia: ₦24,500 – 6,500
  • Lagos to Uyo: ₦24,500 – 6,500

List of Cross Country Transport Terminals in Nigeria:

Cross Country Transport operates from various terminals across Nigeria. Here are some of them:

Lagos Terminals:

  • Ajah 1 Terminal
  • Ajah 2 Terminal
  • Cele Terminal
  • Ikotun Terminal
  • Jibowu Terminal
  • Maza-Maza Terminal
  • Yaba Terminal

Oyo Terminals:

  • Ibadan Terminal 1
  • Ibadan Terminal 2

Abuja Terminals:

  • Utako Terminal
  • Kubwa Terminal

Akwa Ibom Terminals:

  • Eket Terminal
  • Uyo Terminal

Cross River Terminals:

  • Calabar Terminal
  • Ikom Terminal
  • Ogoja Terminal

Ogun Terminals:

  • Abeokuta Terminal 1
  • Abeokuta Terminal 2

Abia Terminal:

  • Ohafia Terminal

Bauchi Terminal:

  • Bauchi Terminal

Borno Terminal:

  • Maiduguri Terminal

Delta Terminal:

  • Asaba Terminal

Kaduna Terminal:

  • Kaduna Terminal


Cross Country Transport provides an extensive network of routes and terminals across Nigeria, making it convenient for travelers to reach their destinations. With reasonable prices and a focus on customer service, it’s a popular choice for many commuters and long-distance travelers.


  1. Are the prices mentioned inclusive of all taxes and fees?

    • Yes, the prices listed include all taxes and fees unless otherwise stated.
  2. Can I book my ticket online?

    • Yes, Cross Country Transport offers online booking services through their website or mobile app.
  3. Are there any discounts available for students or senior citizens?

    • Discounts may be available for students or senior citizens on certain routes. It’s advisable to inquire directly with Cross Country Transport or check their website for any ongoing promotions or discounts.
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