Cost of Building a 4-Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria (2024)

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Building your own house is a big dream for many people. However, it can be challenging to know where to start and how much it will cost. In this guide, we’ll break down the costs involved in building a 4-bedroom bungalow in Nigeria, making it easier for you to plan your budget and start your construction project.

Cost Breakdown:

To build a 4-bedroom bungalow in Nigeria, you need to consider various factors that affect the overall cost. Here’s a breakdown of the estimated costs for each stage of construction:

  1. Substructures: N3,375,000 – N6,750,000
  2. Frames: N270,000 – N540,000
  3. Internal & External Walls: N350,000 – N940,000
  4. Roofing: N1,350,000 – N2,700,000
  5. Doors: N675,000 – N1,350,000
  6. Windows: N1,215,000 – N2,430,000
  7. Wall Finishes: N1,350,000 – N2,700,000
  8. Floor Finishes: N1,080,000 – N2,160,000
  9. Ceiling Finishes: N405,000 – N810,000
  10. Plumbing Installations: N675,000 – N1,250,000
  11. Electrical Installations: N675,000 – N1,450,000
  12. Fittings & Fixtures: N540,000 – N1,080,000

Total Estimated Cost: N13,500,000 – N27,000,000

These figures may vary depending on factors like location, quality of materials, and labor costs.

Stages Involved in Building:

  1. Buying Land: Prices vary based on location and size. Ensure you factor in enough space for the bungalow and compound.
  2. Drafting Building Plan: You’ll need an architect to design your bungalow. Costs range from N50,000 to N400,000.
  3. Foundation Stage: Soil testing is crucial for determining the foundation type. Prices vary based on the chosen method.
  4. Setting to Lintel Level: Costs include blockwork, labor, sand, lintel casting, and other materials.
  5. Roofing: Budget for roofing materials and labor costs. Consider pros and cons of different roofing types.
  6. Finishing Stage: Includes plastering, wiring, plumbing, windows, doors, flooring, and other finishing touches.


Building a 4-bedroom bungalow in Nigeria involves careful planning and budgeting. The estimated cost ranges from N13 million to N27 million, depending on various factors. It’s essential to account for miscellaneous expenses and plan accordingly.


What factors influence the cost of building a bungalow?

Location, size, quality of materials, labor costs, and design complexity are key factors.

 How can I reduce construction costs?

Consider alternative materials, designs, and construction methods. Get multiple quotes from contractors.

 Do I need to hire professionals for every stage?

While some tasks can be DIY, it’s advisable to hire professionals for critical stages like design, foundation, and roofing to ensure safety and quality.

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