Cost of Feeding 1,000 Catfish in Nigeria (2024)

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The agricultural scene in Nigeria has witnessed a significant surge in the past few years, with the fish farming sector emerging as a promising venture. While the prospects of fish farming are indeed lucrative, understanding the costs involved, especially in feeding, is crucial for prospective fish farmers. In this blog post, we’ll break down the estimated expenses of feeding 1,000 catfish in Nigeria in simple terms, shedding light on the process from start to finish.

Buying the Catfish:

To kickstart your fish farming journey, you’ll need to acquire catfish juveniles. On average, each juvenile fish costs between N35 to N50, with an average of N40 per fish. So, purchasing 1,000 catfish juveniles would amount to N40,000.

Cost of Feeding the Fish for Six Months:

Feeding your catfish adequately is vital for their growth and development. Typically, it takes about 1 kilogram of feed to increase a catfish’s weight by 1 kilogram. For 1,000 catfish, you’d require approximately 1,000 kilograms of feed over several months. A bag of fish feed, weighing around 15 kilograms, costs N8,000 on average. Hence, to feed 1,000 catfish, you’d need roughly 70 bags of feed, totaling N560,000.

Other Expenses:

Apart from feed costs, there are several other expenses to consider when venturing into fish farming. These include setting up or renting a pond, habitat maintenance, predator prevention measures like constructing nets, and budgeting for medication in case of fish health issues. Additionally, logistical expenses and hiring personnel for daily fish monitoring should be factored in.


Estimating the cost of feeding 1,000 catfish involves considering various factors, including the purchase of juveniles, feed expenses, habitat maintenance, and other miscellaneous costs. By understanding these aspects, prospective fish farmers can better prepare financially for their venture into fish farming in Nigeria.


Q: How much does it cost to feed 1,000 catfish in Nigeria? A: The estimated cost of feeding 1,000 catfish in Nigeria, including purchasing juveniles and feed expenses for six months, is approximately N600,000.

Q: Are there any additional expenses in fish farming? A: Yes, apart from feed costs, fish farmers should budget for habitat setup and maintenance, predator prevention measures, medication for fish health, logistical expenses, and personnel hiring for daily monitoring.

Q: Is fish farming profitable in Nigeria? A: Yes, fish farming can be lucrative in Nigeria, given the rising demand for fish and favorable climatic conditions. However, proper planning and understanding of associated costs are crucial for success.

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