List of Nivea Products in Nigeria (2024)

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Looking for the best skincare products in Nigeria? Nivea offers a diverse range of options to suit every skin type and need. Whether you’re aiming to enhance skin elasticity, reduce dark spots, or simply moisturize, Nivea has you covered. In this guide, we’ll explore the most popular Nivea products available in Nigeria, providing a brief overview of each to help you make informed choices for your skincare routine.

List of Nivea Products in Nigeria:

Here are some of the top Nivea products you can find in Nigeria:

  1. Nivea Extra White Firm and Smooth Lotion
  2. Nivea Extra White Repair and Protect Body Lotion
  3. Nivea Natural Fairness Body Lightening Lotion (400 ml)
  4. Nivea Q10 + Vitamin C Firming Body Lotion for Normal Skin (400 ml)
  5. Nivea Extra White Radiant and Smooth Body Lotion (400 ml)
  6. Nivea Fairness Body Lotion (400 ml)
  7. Nivea Body Lotion Extra White Firm and Smooth (400 ml)
  8. Nivea Natural Fairness Even-Toned Skin Body Lotion (400 ml)
  9. Nivea Extra White Repair and Protect Body Lotion (400 ml)
  10. Nivea Natural Fairness Clarifiant Body Lotion (400 ml)
  11. Nivea Nourishing Moisture Care Body Lotion (400 ml)
  12. Nivea Extra White Repair and Protect Body Lotion SPF30 (400 ml)
  13. Nivea Rich Nourishing 48H Lotion (400 ml)
  14. Nivea Men’s Revitalizing Body Lotion (200 ml)
  15. Nivea Nourishing Cocoa Body Lotion (400 ml)
  16. Nivea Maximum Hydration Body Lotion (400 ml)

Brief Description of Each Product:

Each Nivea product serves a specific purpose and contains unique ingredients tailored to address various skincare needs. Here’s a brief overview of some key products:


Nivea offers a wide range of skincare products suitable for diverse needs in Nigeria. Whether you’re aiming for hydration, brightening, or firming, Nivea has options to cater to your requirements. Remember to choose products that align with your skin type and concerns for the best results in your skincare routine.


Are these the only Nivea products available in Nigeria?

No, this list includes popular Nivea products, but there may be others not mentioned here. Nivea frequently introduces new products to cater to evolving skincare needs.

 Where can I purchase these Nivea products in Nigeria?

You can find Nivea products in various supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty stores, and online platforms across Nigeria.


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