Cost of Medical Exam for Canada Immigration in Nigeria

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Are you dreaming of starting a new chapter of your life in Canada? Whether it’s for work, study, or temporary residency, embarking on the journey to Canadian immigration involves a crucial step: the Immigration Medical Exam (IME). If you’re in Nigeria and gearing up for this process, here’s everything you need to know, simplified just for you.

Understanding the Immigration Medical Exam (IME)

The IME, also known as the Immigration Medical Exam, holds significant importance in the Canadian immigration process, particularly for roles in clinical or laboratory settings, permanent residency applications, or extended visits. This exam is conducted by certified Panel Physicians and ensures that applicants meet the health standards set by Canadian authorities.

Cost Breakdown of Medical Exams for Canadian Immigration in Nigeria

The cost of the medical exam can vary depending on factors such as age, medical condition, and recent medical history. Here’s a breakdown of the costs you might expect:

  • For Ages 0 to 4 Years: Ranging from N34,500 to N39,500.
  • For Ages 5 to 10 Years: Ranging from N37,500 to N41,500.
  • For Ages 11 to 14 Years: Ranging from N40,500 to N45,900.
  • For Ages 15 and Older: Ranging from N47,000 to N50,000.

Keep in mind that prices might slightly differ based on your location and the physician you visit.

Who Needs to Undergo the Immigration Medical Examination?

Not everyone planning to visit Canada needs to undergo the medical exam. Here’s a breakdown of who needs it:

  • Staying Six Months or Less: Generally not required unless working in specific job roles like healthcare, childcare, or agriculture.
  • Staying Over Six Months: Typically required for those applying for grandparent or parent super visas, working in roles mandated by Canadian public health regulations, or those who have lived in certain countries for at least six months in the past year.

When Should You Get Your Canada Immigration Medical Exam?

You have two options regarding when to undergo your medical exam:

  • Before Submitting Your Visa Application: Known as the “Upfront Medical Exam,” this option is available for study, work, or visit visa applications.
  • After Submitting Your Visa Application: If you choose this route, you’ll receive instructions on when and where to complete your medical exam, typically within thirty days of application submission.


Preparing for Canadian immigration involves navigating various steps, and the Immigration Medical Exam is a critical one. By understanding the costs, requirements, and process outlined here, you’re better equipped to embark on this exciting journey towards your Canadian dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What if I’m unsure if I need to undergo the medical exam? If you’re unsure about whether you need to undergo the medical exam, it’s best to consult with immigration authorities or a qualified immigration consultant for personalized guidance.
  2. Are there any additional tests required apart from those mentioned? Depending on individual circumstances and specific visa requirements, additional tests beyond those mentioned in this guide may be necessary. It’s essential to follow the instructions provided by immigration authorities.
  3. Can I choose which physician to visit for the medical exam? While there may be some flexibility in choosing a physician, it’s crucial to ensure that they are certified as Panel Physicians for conducting immigration medical exams for Canada.
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