Prices of Lace Materials in Nigeria (2024)

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Lace materials are not just fabric; they’re a symbol of elegance and grace, adorning everything from wedding gowns to lingerie. In Nigeria, the market offers a plethora of lace options, each with its own price tag and characteristics. If you’re curious about lace materials, their prices, types, and uses, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into this comprehensive guide.

Understanding Lace Materials:

Lace, crafted from threads or yarns, boasts intricate patterns and open designs. Originally made from silk and linen, modern lace combines cotton with synthetic fibers. This decorative fabric elevates clothing and home décor, once considered a luxury textile due to its labor-intensive production process.

Types of Lace Materials:

  1. Needle Lace: Created with a single thread and needle, forming delicate stitches.
  2. Alencon Lace: Originating from Alencon, France, known for its floral designs.
  3. Bobbin Lace: Made by winding thread over bobbins, popularly produced in Belgium.
  4. Chantilly Lace: Hailing from Chantilly, France, characterized by black or white color options.
  5. Knotted Lace: Crafted using macramé, featuring intricate loop and knot patterns.

Other varieties include Paper Lace, 3D Lace, Net Lace, Cotton Lace, Cord Lace, Organza Lace, Perforate Lace, Feather Lace, Sequins Lace, and Crochet Lace.

Prices of Lace Materials in Nigeria:

  • Cord Lace (5 yards) starting from N30,000
  • Polish Lace (5 yards) starting from N35,000
  • Swiss Lace (5 yards) starting from N55,000
  • Voile Lace (5 yards) starting from N50,000
  • Net Lace (5 yards) starting from N30,000
  • Dry Lace (5 yards) starting from N40,000

Please note that prices may vary due to factors like exchange rates, government policies, and import duties.

Uses of Lace Materials:

  1. Bridal Wear: Adorns wedding dresses and veils, often layered over opaque fabrics for a delicate touch.
  2. Drapes and Curtains: Adds elegance to home décor, though may require an opaque underlay for privacy.
  3. Dresses: Embellishes traditional attire for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.
  4. Lingerie: Popular choice for decorative undergarments, adding allure and sophistication.


Lace materials serve as timeless embellishments, enriching clothing and décor with their intricate designs. Understanding the types, prices, and uses of lace can help you make informed choices for your wardrobe and home. Whether it’s for a wedding gown or a decorative curtain, lace adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.


Q: Where can I find top-quality lace materials in Nigeria? A: Miss Baliqis Anike of LIQIS STORES offers a wide selection of lace materials at competitive prices. Contact them on Whatsapp at 08053524720 or via phone at 08023886880 for current prices and photos.

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