Review Of Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi) Week 3 Online Eviction Poll

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How Fans Voted For Their Favourite Housemate In The Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi) Week 3 Online Eviction Poll

Life is back to the regular schedule in Biggie’s House but questions, tensions, and suspicions are not stopping them from having fun, Everyone seemed super excited to still have Mphowabadimo, Nale, Nthabii, Themba, Vyno, and Zino in the House. In celebrating their survival from possible Eviction, Housemates shared several embraces as they felt relieved for them.

The numbers don’t lie – like Abba, 17 Housemates were for fire sets and good vibes on the Party Room dance floor. We are sure most of you agree that we did spot some dancing queens from but tonight it’s down to sweet 16. Although they are happy to survive another Eviction Show – the truth is the stakes keep rising and the House is about to see more competition throughout this coming week.

Gash1 is not your ordinary flirt

Housemates went about their regular activities, the usual cliques scattered around the House but for Gash1 it was an opportune moment to profess his true feelings for Yoli. However, it might have fallen flat as Yoli called him out for his courting her the same way he approached Thato and using the same pickup lines.

Unlike the using flirting we would think would make Yoli melt, Gash1 spoke to her about his strategy to have the ladies swooning all over him as a strategy to survive BBMzansi. Yoli seemed to be playing along and entertaining the chat as they held hands and shared serious glances at each other.

Whether or not something serious will come out of this we didn’t see this one coming. Gash1’s excessive flirting has some Housemates hoping for a ship but at this stage, we don’t know if it’ll be Sis Tamara, Thato, or Yoli. Either way, Gash1 is keeping his options open.

The BBMzansi House is packing heat this week – from ships, to strategies to actual fun games. We are in for some interesting tensions, questions, and suspicions – buckle up!

Below Is The Voting Percentage Of (BBMzansi) Week 3 Online Eviction/Voting Poll

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