4 KVA Generators Price in South Africa (2024)

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Power outages and unreliable electricity supply are prevalent issues faced by many South Africans today. These challenges not only affect the quality of life but also impact businesses and economic activities. One of the popular solutions adopted by individuals and businesses alike is the use of generators. If you’re considering purchasing a 4 KVA generator in South Africa, this guide will provide you with all the information you need, including prices and specifications.

Prices of 4 KVA Generators in South Africa

When choosing a generator, it’s essential to assess your power needs to determine the appropriate size. A 4 KVA generator is suitable for moderate power requirements. Here’s a list of popular 4 KVA generators in the South African market along with their prices:

  1. Sumec Firman Generator 4kva With Key Starter: Starting from ZAR 5,200
  2. Original ITEC 3.5kva/4.1kva Generator: Starting from ZAR 7,400
  3. 4.5kva Parsun Generator Key Starter 100% Copper Coil: Starting from ZAR 9,800
  4. 4.5kva Sumec Firman Key Start Generator: Starting from ZAR 8,900
  5. Firman Generator 4800e2 4kva 100% Copper: Starting from ZAR 8,500
  6. Elepaq 4KVA Full Copper Coil Manual Start Generator: Starting from ZAR 5,000
  7. Elepaq 4.2 KVA SV7500E2 generator: Starting from ZAR 12,000
  8. Maxi GEN EK33 4KVA GENERATOR: Starting from ZAR 10,500
  9. Elepaq 4KVA Elepaq Generator – EC6800CX-Strong Quality: Starting from ZAR 5,000
  10. Firman Eco Gold 4.0kva Key start Generator – EG20: Starting from ZAR 11,000

Specifications of Selected 4 KVA Generators

Here are the specifications of two popular 4 KVA generators available in South Africa:

  1. Thermocool 4.1 KVA Generator (Hustler 3800ES):

    • Max Power: 4.50 kW
    • Fuel: Petrol
    • Tank Capacity: 18.0 litres
    • Voltage: 230 volts
    • Noise Level: 72 dB
    • Starting System: Electric/Recoil
    • Weight: Approximately 55 KG
  2. Elepaq 4 KVA 100% Coil Manual Start Generator – SV6800:

    • Running Capacity: 4.0KVA
    • Starting Capacity: 4.5KVA
    • Fuel: Petrol
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 litres
    • Voltage Regulation: 220V
    • Noise Level @ 7 Meters: 68 dB


Investing in a reliable generator can help mitigate the challenges posed by inconsistent power supply in South Africa. By understanding your power needs and considering factors such as fuel efficiency, noise level, and specifications, you can choose the right generator to meet your requirements. Additionally, purchasing from trusted vendors ensures quality and after-sales support.


  1. What is the average lifespan of a 4 KVA generator?

    • Generators typically have a lifespan of several years with proper maintenance. The average lifespan can vary depending on usage and maintenance practices.
  2. Are 4 KVA generators suitable for powering home appliances?

    • Yes, 4 KVA generators are suitable for powering various home appliances such as lights, fans, TVs, and small to medium-sized electrical devices. However, it’s essential to consider the total power consumption of your appliances to ensure compatibility.
  3. Can I use a 4 KVA generator for sensitive electronic equipment?

    • Yes, many 4 KVA generators provide stable power output suitable for sensitive electronic equipment. However, it’s recommended to use additional surge protectors or voltage regulators for added protection.
  4. How often should I service my 4 KVA generator?

    • Regular servicing is crucial to maintain the performance and longevity of your generator. It’s recommended to service your generator at least once a year or as per the manufacturer’s guidelines
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