Avila Products Prices in South Africa (2024)

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Avila, a leading cosmetic brand, has captured the hearts of South Africans with its exquisite range of skincare products. From luxurious creams to essential oils, and now, their foray into the soap sector, Avila has become a household name for those seeking top-tier skincare solutions.

Let’s delve into some of the core products offered by Avila in South Africa, along with their prices, making it easier for you to pamper your skin without breaking the bank.

Avila’s Skin Care Essentials: Nurture Your Skin and Hair

Renowned for their commitment to using naturally sourced ingredients, Avila’s skincare range is designed to keep your skin radiant and healthy. Here’s a glimpse of their popular products and their prices in the South African market:

  • Avila Organic Pure Honey 1 Litre – From R520
  • Avila Keloid Essential Cure – From R320
  • Avila Natural Africa Shampoo – From R340
  • Avila Dark Armpit Cream – From R320
  • Avila Pure Black Seed Honey – From R550
  • Avila Flat Tummy Butter – From R390
  • Avila Tea Tree Face Wash – From R370
  • Avila Dark Knuckle Remover – From R470

Avila’s Soap Selection: Gentle Care for Your Skin

Although soap may not be their flagship product, Avila’s soaps are gaining recognition for their skin-softening properties and radiant results. Here are some options available in South Africa:

  • Organic Lightening Herbal Black Soap – From R300
  • Avila Natural Papaya Soap 900g – From R520

Avila’s Essential Oils and Gels: Nature’s Touch for Your Skin and Hair

Experience the effectiveness of Avila’s essential oils and gels, crafted to nourish both your skin and hair. Here are a few popular picks and their prices:

  • Avila Pure Aloe Vera Oil – From R600
  • Avila Organic Skin Lightening Oil – From R690
  • Avila Baobab Seed Oil – From R400
  • Avila Tea Tree Face Wash Oil Control – From R370
  • Avila Licorice Essential Oil – From R370
  • Avila Turmeric Oil – From R250
  • Avila Lemongrass Oil – From R300
  • Extra Virgin Cold Press Coconut Oil – From R170
  • Essential Oil Neem – From R250

Avila’s Skin Care Sets: Your Pathway to Radiant Skin

For those seeking comprehensive skincare solutions, Avila offers sets tailored to various skin types and concerns. Here are some popular sets and their prices:

  • Avila Full Talking Set For Oily Skin – From R40,000
  • Avila Talking Skin Set For Sensitive And Oily Skin – From R20,000
  • Avila 100% Organic Talking Set – Oily Skin – From R16,000
  • Avila Mini Talking/Glowing Set- Oily Skin– From R20,000
  • Avila Baby Body and Care Set – From R14,000
  • Avila All-Natural Volume Set – From R10,000
  • Avila Anti-aging Care – From R12,000

Why Choose Avila?

  1. Accessibility: Avila products are readily available for purchase online and in various outlets across South Africa, ensuring convenient access for all.
  2. Affordability: Despite their top quality, Avila products are priced competitively, making premium skincare accessible to everyone.


With Avila, achieving radiant and healthy skin has never been easier. Embrace the power of natural extracts and essential oils with Avila’s extensive range of skincare solutions, designed to cater to diverse needs and preferences. Elevate your skincare routine with Avila and experience the transformative effects firsthand.


1.Are Avila products suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Avila offers products tailored to various skin types and concerns, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

2.Where can I purchase Avila products in South Africa?

Avila products are available for purchase online and in select retail outlets across South Africa.

3.Are Avila products affordable?

Despite their premium quality, Avila products are priced competitively, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers

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