Copper Price Per KG in South Africa (2024)

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Copper, known by its symbol Cu and atomic number 29, is more than just a metal. It’s a vital component in many aspects of our daily lives, from electrical wiring to plumbing. But how much does it cost? Where is it found? Let’s dive into the world of copper.

What’s the Price of Copper?

In South Africa, copper prices fluctuate based on various factors. Currently, the scrap metal prices per kilogram are as follows:

  • Copper: R145.17
  • Brass: R114.55
  • Lead: R38.01
  • Nickel: R507.96

But that’s not all; prices vary depending on the type of copper. For example:

  • Bright & Shiny copper: $9.20 per kg
  • Copper 1: $8.95 per kg
  • Copper wire (PVC coated): $3.20 per kg

Where Can You Find Copper in South Africa?

The Northern Cape province boasts significant copper production, with mines in Nababeep and Aggeneys. The Palabora Copper Mine, located in this region, is the country’s primary producer of refined copper. It operates a massive underground block cave copper mine, contributing significantly to South Africa’s copper output.

Is Copper in Demand?

Absolutely. With the rise of green technology and increased demand for electric vehicles, the need for copper is soaring. Experts predict a significant surge in demand, potentially doubling copper prices due to its crucial role in various industries.


1.What is the price of 1 kg of copper?

The current rate varies but hovers around $8.23 per kg.

2.How much does recycling pay in South Africa?

Recycling copper can earn you a decent income, especially considering the current high prices.

3.Will copper prices go up in 2022?

Experts anticipate a surge in copper prices, driven by increased demand and advancements in green technology.


Copper isn’t just a metal; it’s a commodity that powers our modern world. With prices on the rise and demand growing, understanding the copper market becomes increasingly important. Whether you’re a consumer or an investor, keeping an eye on copper trends could prove beneficial in the long run.

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