Gas Cylinder Prices in South Africa (2024)

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If you’re living in South Africa and rely on gas cylinders for cooking or heating, you’ve likely wondered about the best places to buy them and what factors to consider when making a purchase. Let’s dive into everything you need to know in simple terms.

Where to Buy Gas Cylinders

Two popular retailers for gas cylinders in South Africa are Makro and Pick n Pay. Makro offers a wide selection of brands and sizes, with prices ranging from R45 to R2749. Pick n Pay stocks brands like Cadac and Megamaster, with prices starting at R884.00 for a 9kg cylinder.

Considerations When Purchasing

Size matters when it comes to gas cylinders. You’ll want to choose one that suits your usage needs. Brands like Cadac, Alva, Totai, Kaizuo, and Safy are trusted for their quality and safety features.

Prices and Delivery

The average price for a 19kg gas cylinder in South Africa is around R699. This typically includes the cylinder and the gas inside. Some stores, like Makro and Stargas, offer delivery services for added convenience.

Gas Cylinder Sizes and Features

Gas cylinders come in various sizes, but the most common ones in South Africa are 9kg and 5kg. The 9kg cylinder is popular for household use, while the 5kg option is more portable and suitable for outdoor activities like camping.


Gas cylinders are essential for many South Africans, providing a clean and efficient energy source for cooking and heating. When purchasing, consider factors like size, brand, and safety features to ensure you get the best value for your needs.


  1. What are the popular gas cylinder brands in South Africa?

    • Cadac, Alva, Totai, Kaizuo, and Safy are some of the trusted brands known for their quality and safety features.
  2. What sizes do gas cylinders come in?

    • Common sizes in South Africa include 9kg and 5kg cylinders, suitable for various household and outdoor uses.
  3. Do stores offer delivery services for gas cylinders?

    • Yes, many stores like Makro, Stargas, and Just-Gas provide delivery services for added convenience.
  4. What factors should I consider when purchasing a gas cylinder?

    • Consider factors such as size, brand reputation, safety features, and pricing to make an informed decision.
  5. Is LP gas the most common type used in South Africa?

    • Yes, LP gas is widely used in South Africa for its clean-burning properties and affordability
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