Gas Cookers with Ovens Price in South Africa (2024)

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Gas cookers and ovens stand as indispensable appliances in the modern kitchen, serving as the cornerstone of culinary convenience and efficiency. The fusion of these two essential kitchen elements into a single appliance has not only optimized space management but has also infused a touch of modern elegance into South African kitchens.

In South Africa, the adoption of gas cookers with ovens has been met with enthusiasm, resulting in a surge in demand since their introduction to the market. This surge has prompted manufacturers to expand their offerings, resulting in a diverse array of options varying in features, designs, sizes, and capacities, as well as colors, shapes, and operational mechanisms.

Gas Cookers with Ovens: Prices in South Africa

The South African market boasts a plethora of gas cookers with ovens, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of popular models and their respective prices:

Nexus Gas Cookers with Ovens

  • Nexus 4-Burner Gas Cooker -NX-5055B (4 + 0): From R12,500
  • Nexus 4-Burner Gas Cooker GCCR-NX-5055BC (3 + 1): From R7,250
  • Nexus 4 Burner (4 + 0) Gas Cooker (GCCR-NX-5055B): From R6,800
  • Nexus (4+0) Gas Cooker (GCCR-NX-5055BC) – Black With Auto Ignition: From R7,350
  • Nexus 4 Burner Gas Cookers: From R9,700
  • Nexus NX-6004 (3Gas+1Electric Burner) Gas Cooker: From R14,200
  • Nexus 4 Burner NX-5055 All Gas Cooker With Oven: From R10,900

Maxi Gas Cookers with Ovens

  • Maxi 4-Burner Manual Ignition Table Top Gas Cooker: From R2,500
  • Maxi Table-Top Single Gas Cooker – 100-Oc: From R1,250
  • Maxi Tabletop Gas Cooker 200OC: From R1,600
  • Maxi Tabletop Gas Cooker 300OC: From R1,830
  • Maxi GAS COOKER 60X60 (4 BURNER): From R28,000
  • Maxi 50×50 4B Standing Gas Cooker: From R11,700
  • Maxi 50×50 3B+1 Standing Gas Cooker: From R12,350
  • Maxi 60x90CM 5B Standing Gas Cooker With Oven-MAXI60X90P: From R31,200
  • Maxi Free Standing Gas Cooker- MAXI 60×90 4+2 INOX: From R32,500
  • Maxi TABLE GAS (SINGLE BURNER): From R1,000

Scanfrost Gas Cookers with Ovens

  • Scanfrost 4-Burner Gas Cooker With Oven And Grill: From R10,900
  • Scanfrost 4 Burner Gas Cooker CK 5400 B: From R12,200
  • Scanfrost SFC K6312 NG (3 gas burners plus 1 electric hot plate): From R11,500
  • Scanfrost 4 Burner Gas Cooker CK 5400: From R12,150
  • Scanfrost Table Top Gas Glass: From R4,600
  • Scanfrost Stainless Table Top Cooker- SFTTC2002: From R3,700

LG Maxi Gas Cookers with Oven

  • LG Table Top Gas Cooker (3 burners): From R1,100
  • LG Table Top Gas Cooker (4 burners): From R1,650
  • LG 60cm Gas Cooker with Rotisserie Grilling: From R28,000
  • LG 90cm Gas Cooker with Dual Heating: From R45,000

Thermocool Gas Cookers with Oven

  • Haier Thermocool 2 Hob (double Burner) Table Top Gas Cooker: From R1,600
  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker (Teflon 2 burners): From R1,400
  • Thermocool 2 Burners Glass Top Gas Cooker – Black: From R1,650
  • Thermocool Stainless table top gas cooker (Assy 2 burners): From R1,150
  • Thermocool Stainless standing gas cooker (503G): From R5,950
  • Thermocool Stainless standing gas cooker (504G): From R5,700
  • Haier Thermocool 50x50cm Standing Cooker, 4 Gas Burners: From R14,400

Ignis Gas Cookers with Oven

  • Ignis Standing gas cooker with oven: From R12,200
  • IGNIS Gas Cooker 4 by 2: From R15,000
  • Ignis Gas Cooker: From R22,000
  • Ignis Semi Industria 5 Burners Cooker: From R32,200
  • IGNIS Gas Cooker: From R20,000
  • IGNIS Gas Cooker: From R16,500
  • IGNIS Gas Cooker 4by2: From R15,000
  • IGNIS Gas Cooker Fst550gt-Sl: From R9,000
  • Ignis 6 Burners In-Built Cooker(Glass): From R6,900
  • New 6-burner Ignis Gas Cooker: From R10,500
  • Ignis Kitchen Gas Cooker Industrial 5 burner From R22,000
  • IGNIS Gas Cooker 4by2: From R15,000
  • IGNIS CKD 5G – TPD 95 T/B: From R67,500

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gas Cooker with Oven

  1. Brand: Opt for reputable brands known for quality and reliability.
  2. Number of Burners: Consider your cooking needs and the frequency of use.
  3. Size: Ensure the cooker fits well in your kitchen space.
  4. Capacity: Assess oven size based on your baking requirements.
  5. Features: Look for features like auto-ignition and control mechanisms for added convenience.


Gas cookers with ovens have revolutionized the kitchen landscape in South Africa, offering efficiency, convenience, and modern aesthetics. With a diverse range of options available, consumers can find the perfect appliance to suit their needs and preferences.


1. Can gas cookers with ovens be purchased online in South Africa?

Yes, gas cookers with ovens are available for purchase online through various e-commerce platforms catering to South African customers.

2. Are gas cookers with ovens easy to install?

Installation procedures may vary, but many gas cookers with ovens come with straightforward installation instructions. It’s advisable to seek professional assistance if unsure.

3.Do gas cookers with ovens require regular maintenance?

Like any appliance, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Cleaning the oven and burners regularly and checking for gas leaks are essential maintenance practices

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