Haojue Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria (March 2024)

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Haojue Holdings is a renowned motorcycle manufacturer, producing high-quality motorcycles under the brands Suzuki and Haojue. In Nigeria, motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation, with Haojue motorcycles gaining traction due to their durability, quality, and sleek designs. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the prices and specifications of Haojue motorcycles in Nigeria.

Haojue Motorcycle Prices in Nigeria:

Haojue motorcycles are available in both new and fairly used conditions. Below are the prices of new Haojue motorcycles in Nigeria:

  1. New Haojue UD110 HJ110-6 2021: From N300,000
  2. New Haojue HJ110-5 2023: From N900,000
  3. New Haojue DK125 HJ125-30 2021: From N750,000
  4. New Haojue HJ110-2C: From N870,000
  5. New Jincheng 2020: From N570,000

For fairly used Haojue motorcycles, prices vary depending on the model and year.

Here are some examples:

  1. Haojue HJ125-19 2020: From N450,000
  2. Haojue DF150 HJ150-12 2019: From N350,000
  3. Haojue UD110 HJ110-6 2019: From N320,000

Haojue Motorcycle Specifications:

Specifications play a crucial role in determining the performance and capabilities of a motorcycle. Here are some specifications of popular Haojue motorcycle models:

Haojue DR160S

  • Engine Type: 4-stroke, Single Cylinder
  • Fuel Capacity: 12L
  • Transmission Type: Manual

Haojue DK125S HJ125-30A

  • Engine Type: 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5L
  • Transmission: 5-Speed Return Shift

Haojue HJ110-5

  • Engine Type: 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2L
  • Transmission: 4-Speed Return Shift


1.Are Haojue motorcycles durable?

Haojue motorcycles are known for their durability and high-quality materials.

2.Where can I purchase a Haojue motorcycle in Nigeria?

You can buy Haojue motorcycles from specialized dealers across Nigeria or through online classified ads platforms like Jiji and Carmart.


Haojue motorcycles offer a blend of quality, durability, and stylish design, making them popular among motorcycle enthusiasts in Nigeria. Whether you’re looking for a new or fairly used motorcycle, understanding the prices and specifications can help you make an informed decision. Always ensure to inspect used motorcycles with a professional mechanic before making a purchase.

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