JAC Motors Price List (2024)

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Nigerians are showing increasing interest in JAC Motors, a Chinese automobile brand, for its quality vehicles. This article aims to provide a simplified guide to JAC Motors in Nigeria, covering prices, series, and advantages.

JAC Motors Price List:

Here are the prices of new JAC Motors vehicles in Nigeria:

  1. JAC J4 2022: Starting from N20.4 million
  2. JAC S5 2022: Starting from N25 million
  3. JAC J4 2022: Starting from N20 million
  4. JAC J4 2020: Starting from N18 million

Used options are available too, with prices varying based on factors like condition and year of production.

JAC Motors Series:

JAC Motors offers various series in Nigeria, including:

  1. A60 Series: Known for luxury and features like small headlights and impressive grille.
  2. IEV7S Series: Mid-range with electric range up to 280km and quick charging options.
  3. J4 Series: Affordable with spacious interior and simplicity in design.

Advantages of JAC Vehicles:

Owning a JAC vehicle comes with advantages such as:

  1. Operation: Simple design yet equipped with advanced technology suitable for Nigerian roads.
  2. Usability: Provides excellent visibility and optics, making driving easier.
  3. Comfort: Interiors designed for comfort and futuristic appeal.


Investing in a JAC vehicle in Nigeria offers a blend of quality, affordability, and comfort, making it a favorable choice for automobile enthusiasts.


  1. Are JAC Motors vehicles reliable?

    • Yes, JAC Motors vehicles are known for their reliability and quality build.
  2. Can I find used JAC vehicles in Nigeria?

    • Yes, although rare, used JAC vehicles are available, with prices depending on various factors.
  3. What are the popular series of JAC Motors in Nigeria?

    • A60, IEV7S, and J4 series are popular in Nigeria for their distinct features and affordability.
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